Thursday, October 18, 2007

A way through the mission maze

Ever felt there was too much information regarding mission?

Or questioned why do we need all this stuff??

One reason for so much information is that we live in a complex world...a world where our loving God is always stepping into our many different contexts and situations....remember it was he who came human for we could relate to him....we did not have to become a god or an angel for this relationship to begin and unfold....

With so much information available, it can and will become confusing. Richard Bliese president and professor of missions has written a paper and developed what he calls the mission matrix....

He says "the chief advantage of the mission matrix is to provide an overarching way to categorize all the mission insights that are emerging today in the church”

The mission matrix was designed to serve as a tool for a church to analyze its life and witness. Is mission driving our community’s life? What is our mission theology? How is this theology influencing and shaping our communal identity, performance, and architecture? The goal of the matrix is to simplify some of the complexities around the functioning of any missional ecclesiology. It is best used to analyze a community’s life and ministry.

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