Monday, October 08, 2007

Personal Evangelism: Conversations of Grace in action

The Rocky Mountain District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has a dream of members sharing the love of Christ naturally in their conversations, whilst not avoiding the truthes of Scripture.
Part of the way they are looking to achieve this vision is by people participating in the Conversations of Grace in Action project. Where groups of God’s people commit to supporting each other in sharing the Good news of Jesus Christ. These groups are integrated into the life of the church to create a culture of witnessing. They have as their goal the bringing of the lost into the community of the Church.

They have developped 6 studies for Conversations of Grace in Action groups. The studies are focused on sharing the Gospel with the lost and each study should take 10-15 minutes. Each of the studies is numbered, however it is not neccessary to complete them in order.

Facilitators 1 Participants 1
Facilitators 2 Participants 2
Facilitators 3 Participants 3
Facilitators 4 Participants 4
Facilitators 5 Participants 5
Facilitators 6 Participants 6

the web site where you can find these and many other resources from the Rocky Mountain District is

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