Friday, February 16, 2007

A congregation to explore: The Well

As we seek ways of being God's people in the communities we live in it is often helpful to learn from others and be inspired by what they are doing....Often they can open our minds up a little on how we can share His love

This week why not visit the following congregation and explore what they are up to:

Lutheran Society for Missiology

If you haven't checked this web site here it is worth a look see...
visit some of its links have a look at its articles

Resources for Lent

Doing God's mission and being missionary people means listening to God as we will hear this week in the Transfiguration message.....

Lent provides the ideal opportunity for each of us to listen to God, reflect on our relationships with God and with others.

So here are some links to resources to helps us do this, if you have more it would be great to hear from you!!!!
from the ELCA:
A sermon series based on biblical texts and Dietrich Bonhoeffer's meditations on these texts
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod:
A devotional study from North East Ohio Synod
A list of lenten resources housed on the Lutheran Church of Canada's web site
All about Lent....

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding Lent and helping us during this time please leave a comment