Monday, October 29, 2007

Equipping people when it comes to elections

In Australia its election time...federally and in Tasmania...we also have local councils.

Some people have a real problem when it comes to God and politics mixing, but God in His bible does have something to say about politics...
We are infact called to pray for governments.

So election time may be a good way to help people pray and read the scriptures (and see what God really says..not just what one group thinks he says)

The Australian Prayer Network offers a four week daily short bible reading and prayer starter at
Also in the September edition of the Lutheran (australian edition) i wrote an article about the two leaders and how politics and Christianity mix...there are also some extra resources to look and USE at http://www.lca. thelutheran/ index0709. cfm
http://www.lca. /thelutheran/ bibleStudyChrist iansGovernment. doc

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