Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blended Worship Blog

Blended Worship Resource includes a range of resources to help congregations who offer or are considering offering a blended style of worship

At this page you will find:
Blended Worship articles
Blended Worship Guidelines
CCM songlists
CCM music review
CCM songs criteria
CCM song and artist info
Blended Worship dialogue
Sound Techniques
Other Stuff

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Bible Studies from Trinity Lutheran Church Palo Alto

Trinity Lutheran Church have developed and used a number of Books of the bible, bible studies including:

Leviticus: The Theology of Worship
(with thanks to the Rev. John Kleinig, author of Leviticus [CPH, 2003])

Joshua: The Deposit of the New Creation
(following the work of the Rev. Adoplh Harstad, author of Joshua [CPH, 2004])

Esther: The Beauty and the Beast

The Psalms: According to the Our Father by Vicar David Solum

Colossians: The Fullness of God in Christ
by Vicar John Sias, and with thanks to the Rev. Paul Deterding, author of Colossians [CPH, 2003]

Titus: The Church on Crete

Philemon: Incarnate Forgiveness

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