Thursday, October 25, 2007

Outreach toolkit

Often we hear that people need help or tools with mission and evangelism.

The North West District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod took the initiative at one of their conventions to give everyone some tangible items and suggestions that they could use when taking God's great news to the world. It included items they produced and some they obtained from other resources....

They called it the Outreach toolkit

Some of the items they produced include:

Chewing Gum Card
Chewing Gum Card Backside
Bubble Labels
Communication Challenges
Conversation Starters
Courtesy Tips
Encouragement Cards
God's Yellow Pages
Housekeeping Tips
Housekeeping Thank You
Toolkit Cover
We are Here for Prayer Label
Label for Toolkit Contents

for more information visit their web site at

Maybe you could develop something for your congregation, parish or district

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