Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chaplaincy Resources

A growing area of ministry is intentional chaplaincy. Chaplaincy is one way of bringing Christ into various situations including schools, aged care, hospitals, work places, sporting clubs, emergency services and beyond.

Lutheran Chaplaincy Resources
Lutheran Chaplaincy Services Ohio offers information about book reviews, articles, chaplaincy programs, employment and more
ELCA offers details about Clinical Pastoral Education, becoming a chaplain, what chaplaincy is about and other resources

Uniting Church of Australia chaplaincy commission offers information on courses and resources that are available
Chaplaincy Australia is a department of Australian Christian Churches (formerly AOG) offering information on crisis care, training, pathways and events

Sports Chaplaincy Australia offers details about being a sports chaplain and training

School Chaplaincy
National School Chaplaincy Association
Access Ministries
SU Queensland

Placer County Law Enforcement offers essays, articles, inspiration, marriage enrichment, Critical Incident Stress information, ausio information

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A congregtion to visit: Family of Christ Lutheran Church

The Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Ham Lake has an emphasis on families that flows through all aspects of the congregation.
They are members of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
You can explore their various worship times, listen to sermons, explore how they provide child care, adult education, small groups, mission partners, women's ministry, men's ministry, opportunities for children and youth, resources for parents, and more

Resources for Students moving to Secondary School

When young Christians begin Secondary School there is a big challenge for both themselves and their parents.
It is a new environment. They begin to explore more about who they are and who others are.

The following resources may help congregations minister to families in their congregation or schools who are about to experience this change...
It's your move

Across Australia, there are thousands of students who will enter high school next year. Many of them are wondering how they’ll get on and what the future holds for them at this time of big change in their lives. Which is why Scripture Union Has produced It’s Your Move!
It’s Your Move! contains
An A-Z survival guide for high school
Loads of wise advice and helpful interviews
True stories, quizzes, puzzles and jokes
The results of an Australian student survey
In 2009 the Cost is $4.95 a book or $4 for 20 or more copies
For more information visit

There is also a leaders guide at which relates to the UK version

YP's guide to starting Secondary School

Introducing the YP’s Guide to Starting Secondary School: this little book is packed full of helpful advice for young people about to make the move from their primary school. Written by well-known youth author Steve Holloway, it also has puzzles, questionnaires – and a reminder that God is always with them. Some of the topics included are: leaving primary school well, facing fear, the first day at the new school, worshipping God anywhere, surviving parents’ evenings, and relationships.Also included are seven days’ worth of Bible reading notes to help young people get to know the God who loves them and has planned a brilliant future for them.

For more information visit

If you have other suggestions of suitable resources please feel free to share them through the comments page

Lutheran Leadership thought: Leaders are fathers who rely on the Father

As we look at the scriptures and the history of faith since the early church, fatherhood in the church plays a significant role. Now whilst some will say our society has changed with males and females being equally responsible for things, the concept of fatherhood is still important for us as individual Christians and as a bunch of people that God loves.

The New Testament Church emphasises God as father, far stronger than the church in the Old Testament.
There are only a few references to God as father in the Old Testament and most centre around God being the Father who creates us and rescues Psalm 89:26 and Isaiah 64:8.
But in the Gospel of John alone, God as Father is mentioned at least 115 times....
In John 14:9 Jesus says "The Father and I are exactly alike. If you have seen me, you've seen Him."
The two words in the New Testament used for God as father are Pater and Abba.
Pater is the more common one, and in the New Testament it is not just used for God the father, but also biological fathers, legal, ancestors and fathers of a clan.
It has the sense of someone who is senior, wise, mature, important, someone who guides, encourages and disciplines.
Abba is less common. We can find it in only 3 passages, all 3 refer only to God the Father.
Read Mark 14:36, Romans 8:16-17 and Galatians 4:6-7.
What are these passages saying about the type of relationship God desires with Jesus and us?
Does talking to God as Abba change the way we relate to God our king?

Something to think and talk about
What does it mean for God to be our Father?
How does this help us in our role as leaders?

Another important role that scripture reveals is that earthly fathers have a responsibility in caring for those who are younger and less mature in the faith than them. And when Jesus says "Go and make disciples of all nations", there is encouragement to the disciples not limited to those who simply bear children, but also leaders that they are encouraged to be fathers to those who are new to and growing in the faith.
Read to discover more what this entails Deuteronemy 6:4-12, Ephesians 6:4 and 1 Thesselonians 2:11-12
What is this saying about the role of fathers?
How does this apply to my role as a leader in the church?

Some things to think about during the week
What can I learn from God about being a father?
What young people has God put in my life (in my family, street, workplace, social scene and church) that God is calling me to train, encourage, comfort and urge in the faith?
Whether I am a male or female leader, how does the the bible's discussion on fatherhood shape how I nurture the faith in those God has entrusted me with?

If you have futher comments please feel free to leave them at the bottom of the page.....

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Christmas Resources

Following are some ideas for Christmas

Christmas scripts
Christmas Drama sites
Puppet Scripts
Christmas Ministry Resources
Christmas and other seasonal scripts

Christmas Outreach ideas and links
The Round Church in Canada puts together a shoebox of gifts for visiting seamen, Christmas baskets for those unable to leave their homes and hampers for families. suggests A Charlie Brown Christmas, a Karaoke Christmas, a formal Christmas dinner, A Grinch Party, White Elephant Christmas, Baking Party Ice Breaker Activities and Games and Gospel Presentation Ideas
Delaware Maryland Synod of the ELCA has a range of outreach ideas
Zondervan offers a range of ideas for small groups
Creative Church Attic suggests Living Nativity, the Nativity Story Movie Night, Angel Choir, Kids Christmas Project Day, and a lot more
Ministry Tools Resource Centre has a range of ideas, suggestions and information relating to Christmas including Celebrations from around the World, Children's ministry ideas, Christmas supplies, devotionals, history, music, traditions, scripts, how ministry people can enjoy Christmas, people who hurt at Christmas, dvds and other ideas
Community Christmas Church outreach ideas

more to come and if you have any suggestions please email at

Books on the Reformation

Tim George author of Theology of the Reformers recommends the following five books if you want to grasp a broad understanding of the reformation
Here I stand by Roland Bainton
The Radical Reformation by George H Williams
The Elizabethan Puritan movement by Patrick Collinson
Reformation of church and dogma (1300-1700) by Jaroslav Pelikan
Luther: A man between God and the Devil by Heiko Oberman

What good books on the Reformation have you read that you would recommend to others...list them in the comments

Intergenerational Congregations

Many Lutheran congregations say they are intergenerational or working towards being intergenerational. John Ortberg, a Presbyterian pastor has written the following article about leading a multi-generational church, it is worth reading and can be found here.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Bible 101 Study book

St Johns Lutheran Church of Ellisville offers an introduction to the Bible class called Bible 101

Bible 101 helps people get the BIG PICTURE of the Bible where you will learn the framework of the Bible and how it is structured. You will learn the Who, What, When, Where and How of the stories and events so that you can make sense of them and put them into perspective. They have structured the class in a way where people can ask any question and get answers and there is no homework! In addition to the study book they use an NIV bible and the book “Understanding the Bible” Max Anders

To get the study guide go here