Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Online Bible commentaries

Free online Bible Commentaries are available at

Weekly Word- take home faith tool

Weekly Word is a take home resource developed by Matt Thiele @ Immanuel Lutheran Church Buderim

The vision of Weekly Word is: “Richly immersed in God’s Word – all ages connected in Christ”.

The idea is to take the ‘WeeklyWord’ sheet home, stick it on your fridge or somewhere you’ll notice, and repeat the verse, meditate on the verse, discuss the verse, and let the verse work it’s way deep into your heart and mind through the week.

We’ve expanded things now by putting it online and setting up an email subscription so you can get ‘weeklyword’ and not miss out if you don’t get the print copy at church.

You might like to go deeper and read the whole chatper the verse is from, or the whole book. Whatever you do with this please “let the Word of Christ live in you richly” – Colossians 3:16.

for examples of weekly word and to sunscribe visit

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spiritual Care for people when spouses are ill or life is changing

Changes in life or unexpected life events have an impact on us emotionally and spiritually.

When a spouse becomes ill or needs special care not only is your life disrupted, but plans are put on hold, dreams may seem further away or even impossibile or your life path may take a turn you never expected or prepared for. When retirement looms life also changes. Such situations can result in resentment, disappointment and even uncertainity with God, your spouse and even yourself.

There are a number of resources that help when such situations arise:
How to find grace for caregiving is an article that is based on the book AMBUSHED BY GRACE: HELP AND HOPE ON THE CAREGIVING JOURNEY
Prepare-Enrich Australia through local counsellors offer a counselling using diagnostic tool that help couples enrich and improve their marriage. It helps to identify those areas where there are strengths and those areas which are possible growth areas in a married relationship. This is a good way for couples to begin to understand where to focus. For further information contact myself or Prepare-Enrich
Where is God now? offers a number of excellent devotions, suggested bible readings and prayers relating to situations where there is disappointment and discouragement.
The Lutheran Handbook on Marriage has a section relating to older and retiring couples and suggestions on how they can enrich and enhance their marriage during later years.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Senior Evangelism offers the following

The World of Senior Adults: Facts & Figures you should know
Spiritual Life Resources: Finding new life, nurturing the soul
Senior Moments: Time out to laugh at ourselves
Second Half Connections: Maintaining Healthy Relationships
Life Journey Stories: Inspiration from real life
Ministry by, with and for Seniors: What others are doing; lessons learned
Senior Ministry Seminars: Opportunities to learn, network
Life Issues and Scriptures: Find answers in the Bible
Links & Resources: Websites and other useful information

Center for Spirituality and Aging

The Center for Spirituality and Aging offers provides advocacy and education about spirituality as it is experienced in the aging process, within both faith and long-term care communities.

Their web page offers:
Articles for Activity Professionals, family and progessional care-givers, health care professionals, Faith group leaders and older adults
DVD: Caring for older adults
links to other web sites
Other resources