Friday, October 26, 2007

5 things that are common in fast growing Lutheran congregations we have said before we can always learn from others...especially those who are doing well...

In 2005 the ELCA undertook some research that highlighted 5 things that were common in fast growing congregations (no matter whether they were traditional, contemporary or any other type of worshippers, and no matter whether they were seen as conservative or liberal in theology)

Here they are....
God was REAL in these places.
There was a deep and real commitment to the priesthood of all believers.
The Bible mattered.
People, especially the leaders, were pragmatic (my dictionary says that this means they were more concerned with practical results than theories or principles).
They expected something to HAPPEN!

ummmm...if you want to read more then skip (click) across to Reclaiming the F word....

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