Thursday, October 31, 2013

Luther's catechism to music

Off By Heart by Leigh Newton is Luther's Small Catechism set to Music...
It has been remastered and is now available on CD.
They sound much brighter with a new master.
This is highly recommended for Lutheran confirmation students and those wanting the devotion of listening to Luther's Small Catechism.

To order your copy visit Leigh Newton's site

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paper: Attention and Retention relating to sermons

Reverend Stephen Anderson from Focus on the Gospel has qualifications and experience both as a pastor and an educator.
He shares a paper to help preachers be better preachers.....Attention and Retention which is available here

Weekly Sermon Notes from Focus on the Gospel

Focus on the Gospel was founded in 2010, with the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel; the Good News of the forgiveness of sins that comes with the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and to help pastors, teachers and others to make that proclamation in a better, more interesting and innovative way.

Their web site offers weekly sermon notes 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lutheran Australian Lectionary for MS Outlook Calendar

Lutheran Australian Lectionary with Bible Readings for MS Outlook Calendar 

Download File here 


  1. Download the file to your computer.
  2. Save the file to your computer.
  3. Open Outlook.
  4. Select File, then Open, then Import.
  5. In the import dialog box select select 'Import from another program or file.
  6. Click next.
  7. Select comma separated values (windows).
  8. Click next.
  9. Browse for the file where you saved it.
  10. Select 'Allow duplicates with items to be imported'
  11. Click next.
  12. Select 'Calendar' as the destination folder.
  13. Click next.
  14. Click finish.
  15. On your next synchronization the files will be available on your mobile device.
  16. For Outlook on iPhone you will sync your iPhone through iTunes and update your Outlook as usual.

Augsburg Fortress latest resources

5 of the latest resources from Augsburg Fortress publishing

Christian Economic Ethics: History and Implications by Daniel Finn
What does the history of Christian views of economic life mean for economic life in the twenty-first century? Here Daniel Finn reviews the insights provided by a large number of texts, from the Bible and the early church, to the Middle Ages and the Protestant Reformation, to treatments of the subject in the last century. Relying on both social science and theology, Finn then turns to the implications of this history for economic life today. Throughout, the book invites the reader to engage the sources and to develop an answer to the volume's basic question.

The Mission Table:  Renewing Congregation and Community by Stephen Bouman
In a time of declining mainline Protestant church attendance, Bouman reminds us that the Holy Spirit is still very much at work. It is the mission of our churches to aid God's reconciling and restoring action in the world. This conversation on mission must involve everyone including laypeople, pastors, seminarians, and emerging congregational leaders. Each chapter contains scripture, questions, and activities, allowing for group study, reflection, and action. The goal is ultimately to help every member of the church to live as signs of the God who made the world and who will make all things new.
Chapters are:

  • Table of Creation
  • From the kitchen table to the alter table
  • Seeking hospitality at new tables
  • The Congregation:  a table for mission
  • Mission Table Leadership
  • Setting Mission Tables
  • Restoring the Broken Tables

Anatomy of the New Testament 7th edition by Spivey, Smith and Black 
This broadly adopted textbook weds literary and historical approaches to focus on the New Testament’s structure and meaning. Anatomy of the New Testament is systematic, critical, and reliable in its scope and content.
This seventh edition has been revised throughout, to take account of current trends in scholarship and to discuss important interpretative issues, such as the Gospel of Thomas. Each chapter includes two new features:
•         Have You Learned It? offering questions for analysis and synthesis
•         What Do They Mean? presenting definitions of key terms to enhance student comprehension and critical thinking
The text is augmented by numerous sidebars to stimulate discussion of matters “Behind,” “Within,” and “Beyond the New Testament.”
Other new features include:
•         a more readable two-column format
•         fresh, up-to-date maps
•         nearly 100 new images and illustrations in black and white and color
•         new charts and diagrams that facilitate deeper learning
•         thoroughly updated bibliographies

After more than a decade in youth ministry, Michael Novelli felt like he'd tried everything to connect his students to the Bible. Then a missionary introduced him to the art of Bible storying—an imaginative way to engage in the scriptures through storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue. He soon discovered that Bible storying was not only an effective teaching approach, but a powerful way to awaken people to new purpose and identity rooted in the biblical narrative.
In 2012, Michael partnered with sparkhouse to create Echo the Story curriculum, based on his approach to Bible storying. Michael has seen people of all ages benefit from this imaginative way of encountering God through the Bible.
In this book, you'll find methods for adapting Bible storying for varied contexts and ages, testimonials from people using this approach, tools to create your own Bible storying narratives, and details about the proven learning theories guiding this approach.

Our brains are hard-wired to experience the emotion of fear. Yet "do not be afraid" is a common refrain from the Bible, used for both comfort and chastening. Too often, we have treated fear, an emotion that helps protect us from threats, as something simply to be dismissed, ignored, or suppressed. Being afraid means so much more than simply fighting or running from a threat; to be afraid is to remember that something in life is worth living for. In fact, there may even be circumstances where fear is God's best response to what we are experiencing. In this book, Whitehead helps us find the roots of hope in the soil of our fears so that we can form lives and communities of hope in the midst of a culture of fear.
Sections include:
  • Why Fear?  Why NOW?
  • What does it mean to be afraid?
  • Pastoral theology of fear and hope
  • Responding to our fears

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Australia Church Resources latest resources

5 of Australia Church Resources latest resources

2014 Australian Christian Diary
The Australian Christian Diary is published especially with Christian laypeople and the Church Worker in mind.
Clean quality white paper for easy writing
Durable vinyl cover (insert for holding notes & cards etc)
Bible reading suggestion for each day
3 year lectionary bible readings
Church Year Festivals
Australian holidays & school terms
Week to an opening
3 year calendar
Pocket size approx. 9cm x 16cm

Christianity and the Competition DVD
With Dr Paul  Maier
The world horizon is littered with competing religions and philosophies. Which has it right? In our multiculturage age, should we insist on the TRUTH of Christianity? Dr. Maier looks at sacred sources (Biblical documents that are reliable and essentially unchanged over time) and secular sources. A look at Eastern religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Confusianism, Shinto, Tao, Judaism, Baha'i, Islam, etc.) and also Western religions (Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Scientology, etc.) in comparison to Christianity.

Loved! Devotions for Teens by Teens
What does it mean to be loved?
How can God love us enough to give up His own Son for us?
In Loved! teen authors share how great a love God has for His people. Each of the 34 devotions is followed by a short prayer, and scattered throughout are inspirational Bible verses that speak of God’s great love for us.

Time Out With Jesus
Australian devotions for a year
This book provides simple Christian devotions, by Australian writers, for each day of the calendar year.
Each meditation, edited by David Strelan, is a 'time-out' of about 3 minutes plus your own scripture reading time, and consists of a Bible reading, some thoughts on that passage, and a short prayer.
The devotion writers' thoughts are life-related and centred on the message of God's love for people shown in Jesus Christ.
The devotions can be used for individuals, families and groups. As you read and meditate on these words the Holy Spirit will enable you to be ... with Jesus.

What They Need To Hear
By Klemet I Preus
Maybe above all else, we want our family members and friends to rejoice with us in God as our Savior. Yet, those closest to us often present us with the greatest challenges for our witness.
This inspirational book is a collection of Rev. Preus’s letters to Lloyd. It is a captivating, real-life story of how one man returned to faith through the witness of his son-in-law. Written over a period of almost two years, Rev. Preus’s letters to Lloyd contain devotional and doctrinal insight, and offer personal anecdotes and practical advice to help readers who are struggling to reach out to friends or family members who have questions about Christianity.
Book features:
• 90 letters
• Evangelism principles
• Topical index
• Two tear-out inspirational postcards
• Free eCard site
Share the Gospel message with someone you know through an inspirational eCard today!
I know that I will see Lloyd again someday. When Christ comes in His glory, we will both bow before this throne. We will both eat with joy the fruit from the tree of life, which is our Lord.
—Excerpt from What They Need to Hear by Klement I. Preus

Concordia Publishing House's latest resources

5 of Concordia Publishing House's latest resources

Concordia Commentary:  Romans 1-8
This commentary articulates the meaning of the Greek text of Romans in its original context for the benefit of the church and world today. Those without any knowledge of Greek will also profit from utilizing the volume. It provides insights that will enhance the understanding and effectiveness of scholars, pastors, and teachers who have the privilege of proclaiming Paul’s most famous letter. This commentary seeks to be theologically thorough in as few words as possible. Romans is the Spirit-breathed, living, and powerful Word of God. Its purpose is to bestow the righteous of God, which comes through faith alone, and to inculcate the life of faith in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Concordia's complete Bible Handbook 2nd edition
Who is this Bible Handbook for?
Anyone who wants to take an in-depth look at each book of the Bible and learn more about important people, significant places, customs and traditions, and life in Biblical times.
What does this Bible Handbook provide?
This handbook starts with an introduction to the Bible, looking at questions such as:
Who wrote the Bible?
How is the Bible organized?
What's up with all those translations?
Is the Bible reliable and trustworthy?
How can I get the most out of the Bible reading I do?
The book then presents a survey of all 66 books of the Bible and the time between the Old and New Testaments.
How is this edition of the Bible Handbook different from the first edition?

The main change is the addition of a Bible dictionary that is more than 190 pages long.  The dictionary starts with Aaron, ends with Zorah, and has a wealth of information between about  people and places, customs and traditions, and terms found throughout the Bible.  The dictionary also serves as a "smart index" for the book, including page number references to Handbook content where appropriate.

I am not afraid:  Spiritual warfare and demon possession
While Africa and Madagascar seem like strange and faraway places, the world in which we now live has become much smaller than many of us could ever have imagined. Moreover, even our neighbors visit the local fortuneteller, read the horoscope page in the newspaper, and attend séances that seek to reach departed friends, lovers, and family members. Consequently, as we begin a journey into faraway places, we may soon find they are not as far away as we may have expected.  — from Chapter 3
I Am Not Afraid is Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett’s fascinating first-hand account of the spiritual warfare found within the Lutheran Church of Madagascar. Is spiritual warfare something new to the Church? Bennett reviews what the Bible, Church Fathers, and contemporary Lutheran leaders have to say.
Part One includes recent conversations dealing with spiritual warfare, an introduction into the Malagasy Lutheran Church, and the traditional Malagasy worldview. These are the stories of those who have been rescued from the darkness of sin and brought into the light of the Gospel.
Part Two looks to the Bible and the Church for explanation and historical perspective on the spiritual warfare found in the Malagasy Lutheran Church. Is it something only found in the time of Jesus and the apostles? What has the Church said in the past about such activities? Bennett explores the views of Martin Luther and other Lutheran leaders, and finally provides some helpful contemporary material and resources for dealing with spiritual warfare in today’s context.
Includes a glossary of key terms, transcripts of personal interviews, bibliography, Scripture index, and subject index.

One in Christ - Little voices cd
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Help kids learn about God’s love through music. They are sure to sing along with joy and enthusiasm with familiar favorites and delight in learning new songs.
Both voice recordings and separate instrumental-only recordings are included for each of the 58 songs. Three CD set.

5 things you can do series
The You Can Do It Series encourages and equips believers to live out life as a disciple of Jesus Christ, being formed and shaped by God’s Word. Written in a clear and encouraging style, each of these topical books gives Christians achievable goals for strengthening their faith and relationships. Each book features a consistent presentation of a topic in five parts with each part consisting of a presentation, summary, discussion questions, and several action steps.
The series topics are:

  • Understand the Bible Better
  • Witness Christ
  • Make Your Marriage Stronger
  • Read the Bible Prayerfully
  • Have a Faithful Prayer Life
  • Appreciate Science and Love the Bible
  • Have a Stronger Family
  • Live a Jesus-Centered Life
  • Make Your Congregation a Caring Church

Friday, October 18, 2013

Free quality Lutheran Sunday School Lessons and Kids Church curriculum

Kids Kount is a ministry of the King of Kings Church in Omaha.  (LCMS)
They are offering their Kids Quest Sunday School Lessons and Kids Church resources at NO CHARGE...
They have also lessons that are NO CHARGE aligned to The Story

For more details visit

Monday, October 14, 2013

Discussion Starter: When it comes to evangelism what can we learn from the Early Church?

The church father Augustine wrote an evangelism course entitled ‘On the Instruction of Newcomers’ (Latin title: De Catechizandis Rudibus).  This book showed that from the time of the early church newcomers to the faith went through an initiation process that consisted of three stages.  
First, they were considered inquirers. 
If their interest was serious they became catechumens at which point they received thorough instruction into the Christian faith over a considerable period of time.  
Finally, if it became clear that they had come to faith they became competences – which meant that they were ready to be baptized.
It is also interesting to note that throughout this process newcomers were expected to attend church services and participate in a program of instruction….which wasn’t just the pastor’s responsibility but involved many others in the congregation.  

Who is involved in helping new Christians be part of the faith in your congregation?
How are people initiated into the faith through your congregation?0
How are you helping a person who is interested in the faith???

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

The mission at Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is to equip pastors and leaders in a new leadership paradigm that integrates emotional health & contemplative spirituality.   The paradigm includes:

  • Contemplative Spirituality
  • Emotionally Healthy Skills
  • Marriage/Singleness
  • Unique Leadership Challenges
  • Emotionally Healthy Discipleship
They have also written a book called the Emotionally Healthy Church

To discover more visit

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

5 2 - Bill Woolsey keynote speech - Cultural MashUps, NONES, Sacramental Entrepreneurs, plus more

The 2013 5 2 wiki conference key note speech by Pastor Bill Woolsey (a LCMS pastor) runs Sacramental Church Planters to Cultural MashUp, Nones, Sacramental Entrepreneurs and more...grab a coffee, a beer or a good red and listen for just over an hour to Bill at to be discover what it means to be a church planter connecting to today's communities!!!