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The reclaiming series.....Kelly Fryer

Do you ever get the feeling that you just wished that some of the good stuff about what it means to be a Lutheran, church or evangelism, whilst it is good...does not speak to people in a way that makes sense and that God is present or relevant to those who live in the year 2007...

Yet we know he is....

One person, author, theologian who has worked hard in this area is Kelly Fryer....Three books that are worth reading:

Reclaiming the L word: renewing the church from its Lutheran core...
Chapters include:
In defense of Dogma
A confession
Jesus is Lord
Everyone is welcome
Love changes people
Everybody has something to offer
The World needs what we have

Dr. Rick Bliese, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago"This book reflects her passions for the theological integrity, for mission-driven congregations, and for painting outside the box."
The Reverend Mary Ann Moller-Gunderson, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin "Pastor Fryer's reminder of where Lutheran Christians stand: at the foot of the cross, where we are met by Jesus..."
Bishop Gary M. Wollersheim, Northern Illinois Synod, ELCA "A warning label should be on this book: 'Caution: Reading this book could result in the transformation of the Church.'"

Book Description
Reclaiming the "L" Word is a book about renewing congregations by recognizing and living out the core teachings of the Lutheran faith. In the introduction, the author states:
"I hope that people of every denomination will find this book helpful as they wrestle with these important issues within their own traditions. But this little book is primarily written for those who call themselves Lutheran and, specifically, those who are members of ELCA congregations, and it is intended to help us answer central questions: Who are we? What DOES it mean to be a Lutheran today, anyway? And, why does it matter?"
Inspirational, engaging, and challenging, this book is a must-read for pastors and congregational leaders!

Reclaiming the C word: Daring to be church again
Chapters include:
Daring to dream it
Daring to define it
Daring to do it
Daring to get focused
Daring to set people free
Daring to Take Action
Daring to expect surprises
Daring to be hopeful

Editoral reviews:
If you want things to stay the same, don't read this book!! It is about a church the bureaucrats haven't domesticated, in which Christianity is the daring, spontaneous and passionate calling of people listening to the Spirit ...Bishop Ray Schultz ELCIC

We are focussed on the starting of the early church: an assembly of saints who join God's activity of transforming the world and wondering aloud what we might look like if we reformed ourselves around that centre....Bishop Peter Rogness ELCA St Paul Area synod

Reclaiming the E word: waking up to our Evangelical identity
Chapters include:
A wake up call
Waking up to the real deal
Waking up to a vital word
Waking up to a purposeful life
Waking up to our common call

In this third and final book in the best-selling reclaiming series, Kelly A. Fryer asks and answers such important questions as:· What does the word evangelical actually mean?· Why do so many Christians, including those who appeared to have been left behind by theologically conservative and fundamentalist Christian churches over the past two decades, think this word is so important that they are stubbornly attempting to reclaim it for themselves?· What is the biblical message that these new evangelicals have to share?· What does a truly evangelical life and evangelical congregation look like?· What kinds of things do evangelical people and an evangelical church do?· What would happen if we who believe the Christian message really and truly is good news for the whole world without exception woke up to our evangelical identity?

THIS BOOK WILL BE AVAILABLE IN MARCH 2008, however if you want a sneak peek at some of the pages go to the authors web page at

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