Monday, April 21, 2008

Some advice for small worship settings

Many Lutheran congregations are small in number and struggle in the area of worship music.

Rich Muchow of Encouraging music in Leadng worship in small group setting offers some good advice that may help. Although the article is focussed on worship on small groups, some of what he says is very relevant to small congregational settings.

Here is some of what he says:
"Sing fewer songs using less time than in a larger worship service. My experience in a small group is that I can sing a song for them to listen to and ask them to join in when they know it. Everyone singing is not the goal (it’s nice). The goal is that the group connects with God and each other."

"Pick songs that are easy to sing. Using only the choruses of well known songs encourages participation. Choose songs that have very singable words, a simple melody and limited musical range, let’s say a one octave range. Songs like “Here I Am to Worship,” “Lord I Lift Your Name on High,” “More Love More Power,” many of the Passion songs, and most of the CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing Incorporated) Top 100 songs are easy to sing. "

Now think about your congregation..
What are the easy to sing hymns/songs (have you made a list!!)?

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Do you have any other suggestions for small congregation worship

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Importance of children in mission

Over the last two days two instances have come to me regarding the importance of children in relation to mission.

First was at the Get Real conference...Dr Mike Foss asked Grand Parents....would you do whatever it takes top see your Grand Children loved by Jesus!! (and would you allow children to bring food and drinks into the church)

On the same day i was reading the book Confessions of a Reformission Rev by Mark Driscoll (more on this book later) when he was confronted with the fact that his church only catered for Gen X and had no children's ministry and someday the young adults he had in his church will have children, but he didn't have any children's ministry to offer them and could see they would go elsewhere unless something was offered. Almost immediately when he offered children's ministry families came.

Think about it....what about your church does it say children are welcome!! or would families with children be wondering do they really fit in here or are they a nuisance?

Didn't Jesus say something about....let the little children come to me

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Reclaiming the E word now available

Kelly Fryer's latest book, reclaiming the E Word: waking up to our Evangelical identity is now available.

About Reclaiming the E Word
In this third book in the best-selling reclaiming series, Kelly A. Fryer asks and answers such important questions as:·
What does the word evangelical actually mean?·
Why do so many Christians, including those who appeared to have been left behind by theologically conservative and fundamentalist Christian churches over the past two decades, think this word is so important that they are stubbornly attempting to reclaim it for themselves?
What is the biblical message that these new evangelicals have to share?·
What does a truly evangelical life and evangelical congregation look like?·
What kinds of things do evangelical people and an evangelical church do?·
What would happen if we who believe the Christian message really and truly is good news for the whole world without exception woke up to our evangelical identity?