Saturday, April 28, 2012

New children's and worship music from Chris Jaensch

Chris has been teaching for much of his working life, using music as an indispensable tool, in a special school for intellectually handicapped teenagers.

For many years he has been a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Para Vista, S.A, where he is regularly involved in the musical side of worship and children’s ministry. He has written many Christian songs, some of which have been included in the ‘Altogether’ series.

Chris’ main focus in his writing, singing and performing has been on younger children (Pre school and primary) Chris has produced three CDs, JAM, GO GO GO and the recently released THUMBS UP.  With their strongly Biblically-based lyrics and a wide variety of musical styles (everything from rock to rap, bluegrass to country) these have proven to be popular resources for families, churches and schools.   Many of the songs on Chris' cds encourage interaction whilst teaching some important truths. 

Chris also performs live Worship Concerts.  These are always bright and entertaining, interactive (catchy songs with lyrics on screen, and plenty of audience participation), and thought provoking (some fresh new ways to look at your life as a Christian).  Mums and dads and even older people, along with the kids, enjoy being involved

JAM, Go Go Go and Thumbs Up come with not just songs, but also lyrics, devotional notes and bible references.  

$15 each
plus postage
The 53 songs found on Chris' cds are suitable for young and old. They are being used for devotions, children's addresses, school chapels, singalongs, performances, home devotions or to just to sit a listen and enjoy.

During school terms 3 and 4 of 2012 Chris is, in fact, cutting down his teaching time and making himself available every Monday for concerts in South Australia and even interstate. He is very keen to spread his musical message where-ever he can and is willing to negotiate and make things quite affordable especially in smaller schools and churches. Interested schools and churches are encouraged to contact him to find out more and/or to arrange a visit.  

For more information contact

Chris Jaensch.

08 82636044 (or international 618 82636044)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Video illustration: Passing on the faith

You maybe able to use the following video from the NEWS web site as an illustration about passing on the faith:

Note there is an advert at the start of the video lasting around 15 seconds

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Commentaries to Luther's explanations in the Catechism

The German Edition of Commentary on Luther's Catechisms by Albrecht Peters has long been the gold standard of research on the catechetical texts of the great reformer. This translation makes the wealth of research available in English for both the researcher and the catechist.

Volume One: Ten Commandments

Volume Two:  Apostles Creed

Volume Three:  Lord's Prayer

Volume Four:   Baptism

To come: volumes relating to  the Sacraments, and Confession with the Table of Duties, prayers, and Marriage

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Church to visit: St Marks Epping

St Marks Lutheran Church Epping has recently upgraded their web site.
Features include:
  • Information about the congregation
  • Worship information including times, kids church, baptisms, weddings and funerals
  • Details relaing to their ministries including pathways to discipleship
  • Whats on
  • Current worship series, weekly bulletin, weekly devotions, grow courses...
  • Living out loud weekly family that relate to the sermon series
Take a visit to their web site at

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Exploring Effective ministry under God"

“Tim Sims is a successful businessman and corporate strategist. … Over the past two years or so, he has been turning his analytical skills to a different sort of ‘business’ — the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Tim has been driving a research project seeking to understand the current state of Anglican churches in Sydney…”

In his presentation 'Exploring effective ministry under God' he challenges us to see the reality of ministry and how God's ministry can be more effective through us.

Church Planting conference @ home

The Expontential Conference is one of the largest church planting conferences held. 
This year the 5 main stage the family track can be watched via simulcast on your computer anywhere in the world.

Cost is $29 for the main sessions and $49 for the main sessions with the family track...
To book in visit here

Emphasis of 5 Main Sessions:

  • Sifted for a Purpose
  • Sifted in our Calling
  • Sifted in our Purity
  • Sifted in our Relationships
  • Sifted for Multiplication

Emphasis of 4 Family Track Sessions:

  • Avoiding Blowing Up and Burning Out (Jud and Lori Wilhite)
  • How to Disciple Your Children (Mark Batterson)
  • Raising Pastor's Kids (Bill Hybels and Shauna (Hybels) Niequist)
  • Battle Lines: Family and the Ministry (Darrin and Amie Patrick)

Although the conference is designed for church planting leaders, the content and theme will be a blessing to any leader serving the local church.


Church planting is hard, lonely and discouraging. It has its share of trouble. The journey is not for the faint of heart. Over 4,000 new churches start each year, which means upwards of 20,000 planters are in the trenches in years 1-5. Many of these leaders have considered, are considering, or eventually will consider quitting.

Most planters will at some time feel like Peter did the morning after denying Jesus three times. Should we be surprised that God would use seasons of sifting to grow his church leaders?

Sifting is the seemingly painful process through which every child of God has or will face trials that result in being broken and refined, strengthened and restored, and grown and empowered for God's glory and Kingdom expansion. Characteristics of sifting include:

  • Accelerated spiritual growth in times of trouble
  • Increased trust in God and surrender to His sovereignty
  • Refined for increased fruitfulness and multiplication

Although most church leaders understand the importance of making personal development, soul care, and family nurturing top priorities, these things often get lost in our busyness. The result is a fragile foundation for dealing with the discouragement and loneliness in church leadership. Eventually, any unresolved family of origin issues or weaknesses in the marriage will surface, often in the midst of the leader's other struggles.

Many leaders simply are not prepared to see this as a season of sifting through which God intends to grow and strengthen the leader. Many become tired and seek to avoid or ignore the sifting rather than embrace and confront it. Unfortunately, too many become hindered in their own strength.

"Sifted", the theme of Exponential 2012, highlights the importance of the spiritual, physical, and emotional health of the leader as a vital component in catalyzing leaders who reproduce. Where most resources focus on the "doing" of models, approaches and innovations, "Sifted" focuses on the "being" and health of church leaders. The conference seeks to help leaders embrace their unique story of sifting.


Wayne Cordeiro, Jud Wilhite, Charles Jenkins, Darrin Patrick, Amie Patrick, Dan Smith, Shannon Smith, Brian Bloye, Amy Bloye, Bill Hybles, Shawn Lovejoy, Tricia Lovejoy, Dave Ferguson, Sue Ferguson, Andy Hawthorne


Tuesday April 24, 2012
1pm - Main Session 1
3:30pm - Main Session 2
Wednesday April 25, 2012
8:30am - Family Track Session 1*
10am - Main Session 3
1pm - Family Track Session 2*
4pm - Main Session 4

Thursday April 26, 2012
8:30am - Family Track Session 4*
10am - Main Session 5

What do Aussies believe? some recent research

In October 2011 Olive Tree Media and McCrindle Research undertook some research into what Aussies believe and how they react to religion and church. 

The full report is available at:

Here is a summary of their research:

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Being a witness when bad things happen

Colin Huf's son Daniel had a major accident.....
He was declared dead at the scene by to ambulance officers...
However he wasn't dead....
Read how Colin has been a witness for God during this situation at the following reports;

Free Easter animation Bible reading videos

The Bible Society of Australia offers 3 free Bible Readings in a downloadable video.....
Jesus Crucifixion
Jesus Death
Jesus is Alive
to view the videos and download them visit

They also offer lesson plans and packs that can be used with the videos