Monday, March 04, 2019

Book: The apologetics of Jesus

Apologetics books abound, but how did Jesus defend the faith? The Apologetics of Jesus presents the Savior at his convincing best. The most tentative Christian--or belligerent skeptic--will find meaty arguments for the godhead of Christ through his parables, prophecies, and more. This hard-hitting resource shows how Christ led the curious to commitment.

In this original book, readers will find a new way of looking at the message and miracles of Christ and will be revived by the example of Christ's caring approach to dealing with doubters. Recommended for both laypeople and ministry leaders alike.

 1. Jesus’s Apologetic Use of Testimony 
 2. Jesus’s Apologetic Use of Miracles 
 3. Jesus’s Apologetic Use of the Resurrection 
 4. Jesus’s Apologetic Use of Reason 
 5. Jesus’s Apologetic Use of Parables 
 6. Jesus’s Apologetic Use of Discourse 
 7. Jesus’s Apologetic Use of Prophecy 
 8. Jesus’s Apologetic Use of Arguments for God
 9. Jesus’s Alleged Anti-Apologetic Passages 
 10. Jesus’s Life as an Apologetic 
 11. Jesus and the Role of the Holy Spirit in Apologetics 
 12. Jesus’s Apologetic Method 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

E Book: What happened to our churches? - Regaining Spiritual energy

“What Happened to Our Churches?” is a free eBook from David S. Luecke.

What happened to our churches is a Collection of 52 blogs About Regaining Spiritual Energy.

The Apostle Paul was an organizational genius and a world-class entrepreneur. He was also a high-level analyst who could spot what wasn’t working in churches he oversaw and figure out what to do about it. His letters to churches were his report along with an explanation for God’s empowering presence that would bring the intended results.

How would the Apostle Paul assess what is happening with the current steep decline of mainline Protestant churches in America, after serving so well and faithfully for centuries?

With a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, Dr. David Luecke fills the role of Analyst in his latest book release. This collection of blogs is Dr. Luecke’s analysis of what’s happening in mainline churches that are in steep decline. They are losing their spiritual energy and the only way to regain it is to take the Holy Spirit’s empowering presence more seriously in church life and ministries.

Chapter 1: Six Perspectives on Regaining Spiritual Energy
Chapter 2: Motivated by the Spirit
Chapter 3: Recognizing the Spirit
Chapter 4: Discipled by the Spirit
Chapter 5: Waiting on the Spirit
Chapter 6: Culturally Shaped Experiences of the Spirit
Chapter 7: Organizing the Spirit’s Fellowships

About the Dr Luecke
There was a time in Dr. Luecke’s professional career when he had the title “Analyst.” His Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior was great preparation for a consultant as well as a professor. For six years, Dr. Luecke taught the M.B.A. Organizational Behavior course at Washington University in St. Louis. For ten years he taught the Doctor of Ministry course on Church Management at Fuller Seminary, where he was an administrator and associate professor. He also taught Strategic Management as a professor at Valparaiso University.
These 52 blogs address what Dr. Luecke sees has gone wrong with traditional mainline churches that, fifty years ago, were healthy but are now in steep decline. Luecke thinks Lutheran, as well as Presbyterian, Reformed, Episcopalian, Methodist, and United Church of Christ churches, have lost their basic spiritual energy. The only way to regain it back is to pay much more attention to who the Holy Spirit is and how he works today — that is, to recover the emphasis in Paul’s theology that Dr. Luecke gained from Gordon Fee’s detailed exegetical study God’s Empowering Presence (1994).
In 1990, Dr. Luecke received a call to plant a new Lutheran church in a suburb of his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. He saw it as a great opportunity to practice what he had been teaching. That church just moved into its large new sanctuary in a choice location in Broadview Heights. From their, Dr. Luecke moved on to become the Administrative Pastor at Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church in the neighboring suburb of North Royalton, where he still serves as a semi-retired Missions Pastor. Dr. Luecke was ordained 50 years ago and has a multitude of experience with what works and what doesn’t in congregations.

You can download the book here

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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Web Page: Meditations and Musings - School Chaplain Blog and resources

"Meditations & Musings" is my humble attempt to share what Tim Jarick has found useful in ministry in an Australian Lutheran School setting.
It contains:
and other resources
Some which he has written, others he has used and adapted in his K-12 school context.
Visit Meditations and Musings

Book: Lighthouses - Christian coaching in a post Christian World

A game changer in local mission. 
There are already a number of useful resources in the Christian marketplace that teach you how to engage with people who are open to Christianity, even if only tentatively. Lighthouses: Christian Coaching in a Post-Christian World offers something fresh and different; it presents a model for engaging with people who are barely curious about the gospel or even openly resistant to it. 
Evangelist and church planter Dean Eaton has teamed up with Christian clinical psychologist Dr. Paul Whetham to propose a fresh approach to gospel-sharing based on a coaching model. 
Lighthouses: Christian Coaching in a Post-Christian World explains how to engage people in a 'wellbeing conversation' that leads naturally to an exploration of their identity in God. The book draws heavily on materials developed by Dr. Whetham for Soul Food CafĂ© (, an online resource centre for contemporary gospel-sharers. The basic idea is that by transforming community meeting places and church cafes into informal sacred spaces where people 'do life together', you can embark on the search for meaning and give voice to the deeper things of the soul. 
Lighthouses: Christian Coaching in a Post-Christian World is highly recommended for people looking for a fresh approach to mission and evangelism.

Reimaging the role of an evangelist - Lighthouse coach
Faith and the Search for meaning
Resilience - developing a contemplative and compassionate mind
Enriched environments 
The Mission

You can purchase Lighthouses from Amazon or if you are in Australia from ACR