Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book: Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to Be an Everyday Missionary

Joining Jesus on His Mission will alter the way you see your life as a follower of Jesus and take you beyond living your life for Jesus to living life with Jesus. Simple, powerful and applicable insights show you how to be on mission and recognize where Jesus is already at work in your neighborhoods, workplaces and schools. You will feel both relief and hope. You may even hear yourself say, “I can do this!” as you start responding to the everyday opportunities Jesus is placing in your path.

What's Jesus up to?
Joining Jesus
The river moved
Are you stalling?
Could it be this simple
An inefficiently effective strategy
Seeking what's already happened
The Kingdom of God
What does the kingdom of God look like?
The Mission of God
Getting into position everyday
Seeking the kingdom
Hearing from Jesus
Talking with people
Doing good
Ministering through prayer
The Missional party
What will your story be?
With a little help from my friends

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Book: Living by faith Oswald Bayer

"Living by faith" is much more than a general Christian precept; it is the fundamental posture of believers in a world rife with suffering and injustice. In this penetrating reflection on the meaning of "justification," Oswald Bayer shows how this key religious term provides a comprehensive horizon for discussing every aspect of Christian theology, from creation to the end times.
Inspired by and interacting with Martin Luther, the great Christian thinker who grappled most intensely with the concept of justification, Bayer explores anew the full range of traditional dogmatics (sin, redemption, eschatology, and others), placing otherwise complex theological terms squarely within their proper milieu -- everyday life. In the course of his discussion, Bayer touches on such deep questions as the hidden nature of God, the hope for universal justice, the problem of evil, and -- one of the book's most engaging motifs -- Job's daring lawsuit with God.


  1. In the dispute of justifications
  2. The law suit about God before the court of human reason
  3. The passive righteousness of faith
  4. Faith comes by hearing
  5. Faith and sanctification
  6. Faith within the lawsuit about God - before God

Conference: Return to Wittenberg

Return to Wittenberg Conference
26-29 July 2016
Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee

About the conference
What is the point of going to Church? Can’t I praise and thank God from anywhere – like in the comfort of my own home? I already believe in God. I’m basically a good person. Isn’t that enough?
R2W’s first annual conference will deal with these and other questions that Christian millennials struggle with by addressing the all-encompassing question posed by the Small Catechism: “What Does This Mean?”
We believe the answer to this question can be found in the Catechism’s Six Chief Parts – 1) the Ten Commandments, 2) the Creed, 3) the Lord’s Prayer, 4) Holy Baptism, 5) Confession, and 6) Holy Communion – which are the essence of the entire Christian faith. Our conference will use the Parts as an outline, around which all our worship, discussions, and presentations will be based.
Through the Six Chief Parts, we will discover that the meaning of all true Christian life and worship is found in Christ Jesus, the Incarnate God, and what He offers us through His Holy Spirit in the blessed Means of Grace.

Keynote presentations
The Catechism is Everything
The Catechism as Guide to Preaching and Hearing
The Catechism as Guide to Christian Prayer
The Catechism as Guide to the Sacramental Life
The Catechism as Beichtspiegel--Guide to Private Confession
Panel Discussion with Presenters

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Article: Turnaround Congregations

Pastor Merv Thompson shares his thoughts on what is pivotal for a congregation to turnaround from dieing or stable to growing....
These include:

  1. The only way a stable or stable and declining congregation can become a „turn-around‟ church is through the power of the Holy Spirit. 
  2. Inspired Leadership
  3. A new vision, clear and compelling vision which can energise and capture the members of the congregation.
  4. Enhancing worship.
  5. New ideas.
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Worship Notes for kids

Giving kids some resources to help them engage with the worship service and sermon will assist them in growing in their relationship with God and with the community.
Sisters of Katie Luther blog has develop a "worship notes for kids"    resource.