Friday, January 11, 2019

Lutheran Preaching Course online

At the 2014 Pastor's confernece of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod - Michigan District Reverend Dr David Schmitt presented 5 sessions on preaching which are available below:

Contemporary Preaching Trends

Confessional Preaching

Transformational Preaching - Narrative

Transformational Preaching

Conversational Preaching

Thursday, November 29, 2018

LWF Hymns of Advent

During this Advent season, the LWF has invited some of its member churches to share hymns from their congregations to show how the communion of churches prepares for Christ’s coming into this world.

We want to use this period to reflect on and celebrate the diversity, uniqueness and oneness of God’s gifts to us.

Martin Luther wrote:
I would certainly like to praise music with all my heart as the excellent gift of God which it is and to commend it to everyone. . . it has been instilled and implanted in all creatures, individually and collectively. For nothing is without sound or harmony. Even the air. . .


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Book: How to read the bible with understanding

The Bible is the most widely read book of all time. God communicated His message through Scripture over a period of many centuries and through a variety of human authors. Reading the Bible with understanding is not about merely learning the history of God’s people or the storyline of great literature. Instead, God desires readers to understand the facts in light of His salvation plan for the whole world.

With a pastoral heart, Dr. Burgland leads you into a deeper understanding of God’s life-giving Word, revealing how His words of Law and Gospel are meant for you!

How to Read the Bible with Understanding includes:

  • Seven enduring principles of Biblical interpretation
  • Guides for interpreting different kinds of Scripture
  • History of early Biblical manuscripts
  • Insight and checklist for teaching a Bible study
  • A Biblical chronology and a history of Biblical interpretation

"Burgland’s little volume has proven to be a fantastic resource for my students, introducing them to the background of the Scriptures and to principles for reading them well. The ample examples from the Bible give readers experience in interpreting the text. Now in its second, retitled edition, the book has been revised and expanded to include even more practical help. This is an excellent introduction for anyone desiring to read the Bible with understanding!"
Rev. Philip W. Penhallegon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology
Concordia University Ann Arbor

"Burgland’s book is a helpful tool in the study of Scripture. His clear organisation makes the book useful for individual or group Bible studies. The principles of interpretation that Burgland outlines help illuminate the truth of God’s Word regardless of one’s level of biblical knowledge."
Tim Hardy
Assistant Principal
Lutheran High North, Macomb, MI

EBOOK: The Gospel Centred Christian

This ebook  focuses on the nature of the relationship between the Gospel and
Scripture in our theology. It explores what happens when the relationship between the Gospel and Scripture become unbalanced, and the implications for the teaching and life of the church. The book explores  that the Lutheran understanding of the relationship between the Gospel and Scripture is not only an intellectual construct, it is also what we we embody it in our lives.

Available for downloading here

Friday, November 09, 2018

3 Advent songs of the month

Come to us

Come To Us
Verse 1
Scattered and broken bent in our way
We are Your people gathered to praise You
A vineyard uprooted narrow in sight
Come Lord of glory come Lord of light

Chorus 1
Come to us O Lord of glory and shine in our hearts
Come to us O Lord of glory and make us anew
Lord we wait for You Lord we wait for You
Lord we wait for You come Lord of glory


Chorus 2
Come to us O Child of glory be born in our hearts
Come to us O Child of glory and make us anew
We adore You we adore You
We adore You sweet Child of glory


Verse 2
Come Lord our dayspring come from on high
As we Your people gather to praise You
Unworthy to taste from Your heavenly vine
But Your word will heal us come light divine

Verse 3
Come Root of Jesse come David's son
Come Star of Morning we come to praise You
Hope of creation of all humankind
Reign over body spirit and mind

Lord we wait for You come Lord of glory


We adore You sweet Child of glory


CCLI Song # 6149833
Greg Walton
© 2011

Come Lord Jesus


Verse 1
When the war is over and the battles are done
We shall see our Savior shining like the sun

Verse 2
Every tear He will dry every shadow will flee
All those in Christ Jesus will be made complete
Will be made complete

Come Lord Jesus
Listen to creation groan
Come Lord Jesus
Come and take Your people home

Verse 3
Every tongue will praise Him every knee will bow
When we see our Savior riding on the clouds
Riding on the clouds

Now we see in part then we'll see in full
Your glory Jesus will satisfy our souls

CCLI Song # 7096635

Marc Willerton

© Sovereign Grace Worship (Admin. by SHOUT! Music Publishing)


Well His morning comes (morning comes)
And O the Son will rise again (rise again)
All of the earth will be filled
With His glorious light
And even when (even when)
The day is short and evening comes (evening comes)
I know in Him even darkness
Even the darkness is light
I know in Him even darkness
Even the darkness is light

Verse 1
Tell me watchman now what of the morning
Is the end of the night coming soon
I've been waiting and praying and longing
For the One Who is faithful and true
But I know He's the hope for the helpless
And a comfort to all those who mourn
Is the song of His glorious returning
Rising up on the wings of the dawn

Verse 2
Tell me watchman now what of the morning
For we sing of the light of the world
And we sing of the one they call Jesus
Who is mighty in deed and in word
For I know He's the Son of the Highest
And I know that His vict'ry is won
And the song of His glorious returning
Rises up on the wings of the dawn

CCLI Song # 5462463

Robin Mark

© 2009 Integrity Worship Music (Admin. by SHOUT! Music Publishing)