Monday, November 16, 2015

Book: Honest Evangelism

Honest Evangelism - how to talk about Jesus even when it's tough by Rico Tice and Carl Laferton.

Hostility and hunger that's the response to the message of Jesus.

The first is painful, the second is wonderful, and Rico Tice is honest about both.

Short, clear, realistic and humorous, this book will challenge you to be honest in your conversations about Jesus, help you to know how to talk about him, and thrill you that God can and will use ordinary people to change eternal destinies.

Two halves of the story
Is it worth it?
Why we still won't evangelise!!
What must i remember
What will i say
Be yourself
Getting started (or restarted)
Two things to do
Useful reesources

Review by the Gospel Coalition 

Book: It's Sunday but Monday is coming

It's Sunday but Monday is coming (finding faith for the rest of the week) by Bill Bohline.

For millions of churchgoers, Sunday is a zone unto itself. It is a time to go to a specialized building, to stand, to sit, to pray, to read a bit of Scripture, to give money, to listen, hopefully to encounter God in some way … and then to go out to lunch. Soon comes Monday, and then Tuesday and the other workdays—a very different kind of world. Memories of Sunday quickly fade. The God who was proclaimed in church as almighty, gracious, and nurturing seems not to be near at all. Or at least we don’t see him at work. This is a book that erases that disconnect. It is about welcoming God to show up in the middle of life’s trials and stresses and hardships and questions. It is about letting the gospel transform us, not just inform us. It is about finding a faith that is real and personal, seven days a week.

What others are saying about It's Sunday but Monday is coming....

What an unusual book. Humor. Tragedy. Theology. Reality. But most of all, hope. Some people wonder if Christian faith really works. Here is the resounding answer of “Yes!”
DR. LEITH ANDERSON, president  National Association of Evangelicals

Bill Bohline’s stories provide hope for anyone who simply wants to live a more fulfilling life. I was inspired both at a personal and professional level.
DR. LISA L. SNYDER, superintendent  
Lakeville (Minn.) Area Public Schools

I LOVE this book! Why? Because it’s about life, the one thing none of us asked to get into and have to die to get out of. Bill points us to life so rich and powerful that it triumphs everything.
REGGIE MCNEAL, national speaker and author

Bill is a very gifted communicator who has the ability to tell a story that makes Scripture real, applies to my life, makes me laugh and makes me cry. In this book, Bill’s gift shines, and Jesus is lifted up. 
KRISTI GRANER, director 
Dare to Believe Ministries

As the daily grind and unexpected circumstances begin to overshadow our Sunday devotions, this book sheds light on how to find God’s love. 
JOEL MANBY, president and CEO 
Herschend Family Entertainment (theme parks)

Bill Bohline masterfully weaves humor and Scripture to remind us of a personal God who yearns to be involved with our lives. A fun read … but also a real boost to spiritual growth!
SUSIE SHELLENBERGER Speaker; founding editor of Brio magazine

Pastor Bill’s powerful, faith-filled stories of God at work challenge us all to expect God’s impact and to wait upon the Lord seven days a week, not just on Sunday…. Humorous, captivating, emotionally gripping. 
Dakota County, Minn.

This book quickly awakens our minds, touches our hearts, shows us courage in the face of fears, and brings light to the darkest path. 
PAT MOE, pastor for care ministries 
Hosanna! Lutheran Church

Great humor (often at Bill’s own expense) combine here with unflinching straight talk about the best and toughest parts of life. Throughout the book, we get constant, compelling stories of God’s transformation. 
JOHN CROSBY, senior pastor 
Christ Presbyterian Church, Edina, Minn.

Pastor Bill’s unique writing style will keep you reading (and laughing!), but his message will keep you hungry for more. You’ll discover the same God you worship for an hour on Sunday showing up in the details of your Monday.
MARY J. NELSON, author of Grace for Each Hour


Friday, November 13, 2015

Book: The quest for holiness

The quest for holiness, originally written in 1928 by Adolf Koberele is not merely for theologians but for all who desire a sound, scriptural setting forth of the truths and the implications for each individual embodied in the steps of justification and sanctification.
For simplicity, clarity, and completeness on this subject, this book is unsurpassed.
It is written not merely with ink but with the lifeblood of the true believer striving daily for greater holiness and God-pleasing perfection.

  1. Man’s Attempts to Sanctify Himself in God’s Sight 
  2. God’s Judgment on Man’s Self-Sanctification
  3. Man’s Justification Before God Through the Word of Forgiveness
  4. Sanctification as the Work of God in the Life of the Justified Sinner 
  5. Sanctification as the Answer of the Justified Sinner 
  6. The Significance of Sanctification in the Preservation or Loss of the State of Faith
  7. The Relationship of Justification and Sanctification

About the author
Adolf Köberle was Professor of Systematic Theology in Basel.  He was head of the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Seminary 1922-1926.   Köberle primarily wrote about Christian holiness as being motivated by the love of Christ and gratitude to God (rather than being motivated by obligation or fear).

Reader's guide is available here

Book: Finding Tom Sawyer (ministry to boys)

Searching for Tom Sawyer offers parents and church leaders a compelling vision and practical principles for how, together, they can change the storyline of boys dropping off the church scene by forging boys into heroic men.

1.   Lost in the 21st Century
2.   Why do boys do that?
3.   A motivating affirmation for life
4.   A compelling vision for life
5.   An empowering strategy for life
6.   Speaking boy
7.   Building a boy friendly church

"More than 70% of the young men who are raised in church abandon it during their teens and twenties . . . Tim Wright examines the problem and offers real solutions to one of the greatest challenges facing the church today" -David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church The Story of Boys-Lost in the Twenty-first Century:
70% of all Ds and Fs go to boys 85% of stimulant-addressing medications prescribed in the world are prescribed to US boys Boys are falling behind girls in virtually every area of life
70 -90% of boys will leave the church in their teens and early twenties

"No one who cares for boys, and equally no one who cares for kids and families should miss Searching for Tom Sawyer" -Leonard Sweet, professor at Drew University and George Fox University

"Tim Wright's diagnosis of why most of our congregations struggle to connect with guys is eye-opening and stunning . . . As the father of three boys, I wish I'd had this book years ago. As the pastor of a congregation, I'm glad I have it now" -Pastor Jeff Marian, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Burnsville, Minnesota

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lutheran suicide prevention ministry

Lutheran suicide prevention ministry was formed to:

  • Increase suicide prevention awareness within Lutheran churches/faith-based communities in order to reduce stigma and shame.
  • Educate congregations and church leaders on appropriate actions to take to prevent suicide and to recover from a suicide death.
  • Make suicide prevention and recovery important ongoing efforts of congregations with an emphasis on local faith-based communities, church leaders, support groups and educational and advocacy programs.
  • Give voice to those who have lost family members or loved ones to suicide, as well as those who have acted on suicidal ideation.
  • Build suicide prevention collaboration among Lutheran, full communion partners, and other faith-based communities.

There are a considerable number of resources for both the clergy and laity.
visit for more information.