Friday, October 05, 2007

a story

Last night our Launceston congregation met for the Jesus all about life course (similar to lifeworks but shorter)

If you have seen it you may recall the story that Karl Faase tells about New Years Eve in Amsterdam and its contrast with Sydney especially in relation to fireworks.

In short Sydney’s fireworks are run by professionals, they are well controlled and orchestrated, they are good, to see them you have to go to specific places. In Amsterdam everybody lets off their own fireworks, karl said he was skeptical about this..(a few little crackers going off…wow), yet when it happened they were just as spectacular if not better and they were everywhere….you did not have to find out where they were.

Anyway at the course amongst us was a character who grew up in Sweden, who said this is true, in many of the countries in North Europe everybody gets involved in letting off fireworks and they are spectacular, unexpected and the one thing is you can not avoid them.
Then he said maybe this is something we need to consider in relation to Christianity. When it is left only to the professionals it is not that it is bad Christianity it is that it is just easy for people to avoid, but when everyone gets involved it is hard for Christianity not to be noticed.

Something to think about


PS Please note contrary to how some people want to read this, this is about everyone (paid and non paid, professionals and non professional people) being actively involved in ministry....not about substituting one for the other

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