Friday, September 27, 2013

A giving skit

A giving skit was written to support the Portland-Heywood Lutheran Church in helping it disciples grow in the area of biblical giving.

You can access the skit here

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Christmas and Advent Resources

Advent and Christmas offers us many opportunities to share the story of God coming into this world to save us....

Following are some resources that may help you and your congregation reflect on this message, grow deeper in this message and share this message

if you have come across something that you believe would benefit others or have developed a Advent or Christmas resource that you are willing to share please email me 

Earlier Lutheranmission suggestions

Since 1957 the Ascension utheran Church in Danville Virginia have been helping families and congregations share the message of Christmas through Christmas tree ornaments that are appropriate for a Christian church tree.   Visit their site to discover more resources relating to Chrismons
Lutheran Hour Ministries offers 2 Advent devotions,  Word became flesh and Advent people (for younger adults)  
Luther Seminary days of desire waiting for the advent dawn devotions 
Textweek worship resources

Nativity Plays
Earlier Lutheranmission suggestions

Family Worship including Narnia Christmas Script, The Greatest Story ever told script and Virtual Christmas script

"O Come, All Ye Faithful"
The Gifts Of Christmas
My Christmas Essay
Go And Tell
The Christmas Gift

David Bruggeman:  A traditional Nativity play based closely following scripture

the first where the children learn and speak lines (or read them out), the second where the narrator describes the action for the children to follow.

Christmas story told by children

What if social media existed when Jesus was born

Lutheran suppliers of quality resources for Advent and Christmas

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DVD course: Leading Change: Church Leadership amid turmoil

Dr. Peter Steinke applies Systems Theory to the task of leadership, especially leadership during or for change. Change is the new constant and change creates anxiety and resistance. The functioning of leaders during this time is critical to the ability of the organization to maintain its commitment to its mission. Unlike some theories, which neglect the human emotional processes of an organization, “Leading Change teaches leaders to expect anxiety and sabotage but to stay calm and committed to advancing the mission. Change can stall the development of an organization through fear of the unknown but courageous leaders can call people to embrace a new adventure in meeting the latest challenge. This course would be very helpful for congregational leaders who are experiencing transitions, conflict, demographic or economic challenges. The “Leading Change course equips leaders to respond to the expected anxiety in an organization facing change. Study guide included.

Session One: Systems Theory 28:00
Session Two: A Self-Differentiated Leader 18:35
Session Three: Functioning Position 11:26
Session Four: The Functioning of a Leader 18:19
Session Five: Change 10:14
Session Six: Conflict 18:07
Session Seven: Roles of Leaders in Conflict 17:34
Session Eight: Conclusion 16:04
Bonus Session: Narcissism 4:08

Dr. Peter Steinke is a student of Dr. Murray Bowen and Rabbi Edwin Friedman, and has adapted their systems theory to the ways in which congregations function. He help found the Bridge Builder Network, which provides training and resources for troubled congregations. He established the Healthy Congregations initiative, which provides resources and training for churches wishing to stay healthy. He is a consultant to congregations, judicatories and other church-related organizations.

 for more information and to order the course visit selectlearning

Youth Bible Overview - experimental

Echo is an experimental bible overview for youth

The 12 sessions

Session 1: Creation
Genesis 1–3
Session 2: Disruption
Genesis 3–9
Session 3: The Promise
Genesis 12–13; 15–18; 21
Session 4: Exodus
Exodus 1–5; 7–15
Session 5: Commands
Exodus 19–20; 24–25; 31–32; 34; 40
Session 6: Judges & Kings
Numbers 14; 22; Joshua 11; Judges 2–3; 17; 21; 1 Samuel 8–9;
13–18; 22–23; 26; 31; 2 Samuel 5; 7–8; 11–12; 1 Kings 14
Session 7: Exile
1 Kings 3–5; 8–14; 2 Kings 17; 24–25; 2 Chronicles 7; 36;
Amos 3–5; 7; Jeremiah 18; 23; 29; 31; Ezekiel 36; Ezra 1–2;
Nehemiah 4; 6
Session 8: God-with-Us
Luke 1–3; Matthew 1–3; Mark 1; John 1
Session 9: Miracles
Matthew 8–9; Mark 2; 4; Luke 4–5; John 5
Session 10: God’s Kingdom
Matthew 5; 12–13; 18; 20; 22; Mark 2;10; Luke 11; 13–14; 17
Session 11: Death-to-Life
Matthew 26–28; Luke 19; 22–24; John 11; 15
Session 12: The Church
Acts 1–2

How it works
Each session follows a six-part sequence for participants to encounter the Bible in a variety of ways:
1. Rewind
The Story So Far video engages participants to briefly share something with a friend. Then, the video shows a fast-paced, animated review of the previous sessions’ stories.
2. Prepare
Participants draw a version of the story symbol in their Sketch Journals. Then, the leader helps to create a reflective environment and encourages imaginative listening.
3. Imagine
The leader reads the Bible story aloud. A carefully crafted narrative script of the story is provided in the Leader Guide.
4. Capture
After a quiet moment of reflection, participants capture any aspects of the story that stood out to them in their Sketch Journals.
5. Remix
The story is read aloud again, by someone of an opposite gender. During this telling, participants complete an activity that helps them to retell part of the Bible story in their own creative way.
6. Connect
The leader encourages participants to share their observations and insights from the story. A set of intentional questions is provided in the Leader Guide.

For more information visit here 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book: A guide to prayer for minister and other servants

This is an ecumenical resource that offers devotions and prayers that are thematically for each week of the year.   There is also schedules for 12 personal retreats. The authors have adopted the following daily format: daily invocations, readings, scripture, reflection, quotes from a range of Christians (some well known and others not so well known), prayers, weekly hymns, benedictions and printed psalms.

A framework for a contemporary Lutheran Worship service

Lutheran Worship that has a contemporary feel about it is important if we are to reach and help some of the community grow as disciples...
The approach we have taken is that a contemporary Christian and Lutheran worship service is one based on the Christian tradition and scriptures, but expressed in a way that helps those worshiping hear God and respond to His love.  
I have developed a framework as a guide for our worship teams which you are welcome to use and adapt....which is available here 
Should you have any queries or questions please feel free to email me 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Video: Gary Ablett jnr interview on the Footy Show being question about His faith

Gary Ablett jnr is considered one of the best footballers in the AFL.   
On a Thursday night football show which is usually not renowned for its respect Gary Ablett jnr was given the opportunity to talk about His faith in God and how God makes it possible for him to do what he does.....

Take a look at the video

Having trouble viewing this video click here

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stewardship/Giving video: Living to Give reflective video

Living to Give video helps people connect how their giving is connected to God's ministry and mission to them and through them.   

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Pastor Dad: a book for all dads

Every dad is a pastor. The important thing is that he is caring for his flock well. This book by Pastor Mark Driscoll looks at the ways that a father can raise his children well.

We learn how to be fathers to our own children as we seek to treat our kids the way our perfect Dad has treated us, his sons. Our ultimate goal must be that our children would grow to love and worship our God. This simple refrain is repeated on a multitude of occasions throughout Scripture, where it says that a particular generation worshiped the God of their fathers, because God intends for children to worship the same God as their dads.

The wisdom for Christian fathering is scattered throughout Scripture and concentrated most particularly in Proverbs. In Proverbs 3:11–12 the father says, “My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline or be weary of his reproof, for the Lord reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights.” Before any father disciplines his children, he is commanded to delight in them. Practically, this means that most of a father’s time is spent enjoying his children, encouraging his children, laughing with his children, being affectionate with his children, and enjoying his children so that there is a deep bond of love and joy between the children and their dad.