Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Web Site: Dr John Kleinig resources

Dr John Kleinig is a Lutheran lecturer, pastor and teacher who lectured and taught at Australian Lutheran College.  

This resource page includes talks, courses, lectures, and papers from Dr John W. Kleinig,

Full Courses include:

  • Christian Spirituality
  • Bible Introduction
  • Old Testament Theology
  • Worship
  • Liturgics
  • Psalms 
  • Leviticus

Extra Courses include:

  • 'An introduction to worship and daily chapel'
  • 'Pastoring as blessing' 
  • Pastoring as blessing  
  • Levticus at Fort Wayne
  • Grace upon Grace at Langmeil
  • Preaching on Hebrews
  • The Blood of Jesus 
  • Ecclesiastes - Joy for Workaholics
  • Exodus - From Slavery to Divine Service
  • 'The Glory and The Service: Worship in the Old Testament'
  • The Ongoing Reception of the Holy Spirit
  • Bach, The Evangelist

For these resources and many others from Dr John Kleinig visit

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