Saturday, July 04, 2015

Responses to same sex marriage

The same sex marriage is creating significant discussion and debate in the broader community and the Christian community.  Even amongst Lutheran Churches there is no clear and consistent agreement on this issue.

A note:  the following resources will present different views of the arguments regarding same sex marriage and whether homosexuality is sinful or not sinful.  This entry is not about us defining or supporting a position but the information is presented so you can research the area.   

The following are some responses::
Lutheran Responses to same sex marriage
Lutheran Church of Australia's statement
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
North America Lutheran Church
Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Lutheran Church Canada
Evangelical Church in Germany
Reconciling Works - an advocacy site for LGBT in the Lutheran Church

Ecumenical summaries to same sex marriage
Pew Research - overview
A paper giving an ecumenical perspective
A summary of some Lutheran responses from around the world (Wikipedia) 

Articles relating to same sex marriage
Got Questions -  What the bible says!!
Christianity Today
Some advice from a Canadian church a helpful perspective for pastors
Australian Marriage Forum
Australian Christian Lobby
Reasonable Faith - A Christian perspective on homosexuality
In my opinion 
Religious Tolerance
Gay Christian Network
40 Questions for those who support same sex marriage - Gospel Coalition 

Bible Studies
What about homosexuality?
Changing Currents - The Bible and same sex marriage
Making Love Just
Gay (Same Sex) Marriage - Dr Andrew Corbett
What does the bible say about being gay?

If you have some further material to recommend regarding same sex marriage, from any perspective please feel free to email with the information.

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John Flanagan said...

I have noted a diversity of opinions and comments on various Lutheran blogs regarding gay marriage and SCOTUS. Conclusion: Some Pastors are already looking for theological cover to avoid confronting the issue head on, and have clearly forgotten what the Bible's plain words say about the matter of homosexuality. Too educated and too impressed with their own social media commentaries, these individuals forgot the words found in know...."men with men...., God giving such over to a reprobate mind, etc." Instead, these cwards and sunny day church leaders advise us to not judge, reach out in love, and heaven forbid we offend the sensibility of those who demand we affirm them in their sin. " Admonish " is too strong a word, I suppose. So let them join the progressives and gay marriage advocates while the more fervent believers struggle against the coming legal, political, and social persecution coming against American Christians who will stand on the word of God. Some pastors are stronger and devout and faithful. We should listen to them only. The others will join the chorus of the world.