Monday, July 27, 2015

Mission Planning resources

ELCA congregations have developed a number of mission planning resources that help congregations and their leaders develop mission that relates to their context and giftings.
The resources include:
Essential Background
Guiding Principles for Mission Planning
Marks of a Missional Congregation
Model for Thinking About Mission
Paradigms for Mission Renewal
Worship and Mission

Do it yourself resources 
Adaptations of 1-to-1's
Beyond Our Doors
Building a Mission Table
Congregation Life Cycle Question
Discovering Approaches to Mission
Front Porchin' Workbook
Growing Congregational Vitality
Guide to 1-on-1 Conversations
Manual for Congregational Mission Planning
Process for Discerning Purpose Statement
Read, Reflect and Respond Bible Study
Season for Prayer and Renewal
Some Basics for Evaluating
Some Basics for Planning
Story Matters

Resource Lists
For Deep
For High
For Wide
Missional Leadership Books
Resources for Going Deeper
Web site Links

Mission Planning resources are available at

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