Saturday, July 25, 2015

Resource: A guide for Christian families - learning about sex

Learning About Sex teaches preschoolers through adults about God’s great gifts to us as males and females and how we are uniquely made to love Him and serve others.

“The Learning About Sex series has long aided parents who wish to impart godly values to their children. With this latest revision, they have done an incredible job of helping youth and adults alike understand the challenges of sexuality, relationships, and personal identity within the larger context of our faith. Sadly, many youth today, including in the Church, treat their sexuality as something entirely removed from their spiritual lives. I am pleased to say that this series grounds these delicate matters in the Word of God and does so with compassion, conviction, and enthusiasm for the blessings that come from pursuing God’s beautiful design for our lives. This deeply Christian approach to education about sex, the body, and relationships is a rare gift to the world. Every parent should seize it.”  —Daniel Weiss,

Free videos include:

  • Where to Begin
  • Teachable Moments
  • Sex and God’s Design
  • When Do I Start?
  • The Bible and Sex
  • When Does Life Begin?
  • What Are My Kids Learning?
  • Sex, More Than Mechanics
  • Sex and the Church
  • Parenting Moments
  • How Do I Protect My Children?
  • Developing an Internet Use Plan
  • Teaching Media Discernment
  • How Can I Influence My Kids?
  • What If My Teen Is Pregnant?
  • What to Do about Dating?
  • My Child Is Having Sex …
  • What about My Sexual Brokenness?
  • Hot Topics
  • What Is Sexting?
  • Is Sexting Legal?
  • Is Homosexuality Genetic?
  • Is There Pressure to Be Gay?
  • How to Respond to Homosexuality
  • The Effects of Pornography
  • Is Pornography Addictive?
  • Online Sexual Predators
  • Sex in the Media
Book resources include:
Why Boys and Girls Are Different -  Ages 3 to 5
Where Do Babies Come From? - Ages 6 to 8
How You Are Changing - Ages 9 to 11
Sex & the New You - Ages 12 to 14
Love, Sex & God - Ages 14 and up
How to Talk Confidently with Your Child About Sex

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