Monday, November 18, 2013

Research: How adults become Christians

How Adults become Christians is the result of the work of Dave Bennett, National Director of Bridge Builders (A UK Evangelical organisation).

His project reveals the following:
Part 1: How do adults become Christians?
The various aspects looked at:
The significance of church involvement during childhood
The nature of conversion experience
The role of crisis in conversion
The involvement of the Church
The use of the Bible
The need for change of attitude, not just increase in knowledge

Part 2: In the process of adults becoming Christians, what part is played by individual Christians?
The role of the individual Christian
The significance of relationships
Assessment of the involvement of strangers
The relevance of activities used by individual Christians
- Praying
- Inviting
- Lifestyle
- Sharing your story
- Using the Bible
- Giving literature
- Explaining the gospel
- Caring and getting alongside
- Answering question
- Making suggestions
- Having a common interest
- Giving videos
- Use of Internet
- Use of variety and imagination
Unhelpful aspects of certain activities
The importance of being sensitive to people

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