Sunday, November 10, 2013

Logos 5 Lutheran Bible Software

Logos Bible Software  Version 5

Logos Bible Software is a worldwide leader in electronic tools and resources for Bible study.

Their mission is to serve the church. They do this by fostering a culture of service and innovation, by creating Bible study tools that connect people to the Word, and by hiring awesome, fun people.

Since 1992, Logos Bible Software has grown from a couple of programmers in a basement into the largest developer of Bible-study software and a worldwide leader in multilingual electronic publishing. We partner with more than 150 publishers to make more than 36,000 Bible-study resources available to customers around the world.
Innovation is key to Logos’ growth. In the last few years, they’ve expanded from their flagship software product, Logos Bible Software, to a variety of tools to complement your faith and Bible study experience. 
In June of 2011, they launched Vyrso, a Christian ebook store and ereader app. 
In 2012, they released Proclaim Church Presentation Software along with the Faithlife Study Bible and, a social network that allows Christians from all over the world to connect and share ideas online.
As Logos continues to grow, their goal is to not only create the best Bible study tools available, but to serve the church by making Bible study resources accessible to developing countries all over the globe.

Logos offers 7 different starter packages...visit here to discover what package suits you

There is also over 250 specific Lutheran resources available on Logos Bible Software including:
Luther's Works (55 vols.) 
The Northwestern Publishing House Electronic Library: Collection One (100 vols.)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works (15 vols.) by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Concordia Electronic Theological Library: Complete Collection
Lenski's Commentary on the New Testament (LCNT) (12 vols.) by R. C. H. Lenski
Fortress Press Luther Studies Collection (11 vols.)
Theological Commonplaces by Johann Gerhard (6 vols.) by Johann Gerhard
Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament (ACNT) (15 vols.)
The People's Bible: Complete Set
Classic Studies on the Atonement (32 vols.)
Examination of the Council of Trent by Martin Chemnitz
Concordia Commentary
Christian Dogmatics by Francis Pieper
Lutheran Study Bible
Book of Concord
Vist here  to discover these and more Lutheran resources

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