Monday, November 18, 2013

Discussion Starter: Biggest issue for the mainline church is Grandparents and Parents whose children have deserted the church

Imagine for a moment if at least 50% of the children of those attending church.....were still attending church.....
In many mainline churches... a lot (not all) of the next generation has deserted the church...
Now this is causing significant issues.....

It causes issues for the congregation who:
  • often have structures that suit a time when there were many possible future leaders to fill positions.
  • no longer have attenders who are able to give financially like they used to and do not have the skills or fitness to give physically like they used to.
  • are often ministering and doing mission in a way that is suitable to the past....helping children grow in the faith who have always been part of the church but not connecting to those who have resentment or have never connected really to the Christian community.
And the real people it causes issue for are the Grandparents and parents:
  • Some of them blame the church, pastors, leaders and others in the church community for their children and grandchildren not being part of the community.
  • Some of them blame the evils of the Sunday Sport, busyness, work, etc.
  • Some of them blame themselves.
  • Some of them worry about their child and grandchilds eternal future...but don't know what to do because they want to have a positive earthly life with them now.
  • Some will think getting a child baptised is enough...
  • Some of them seem to continue living only for themselves and not the next generation...
Reflection Time
Take some time to reflect on Psalm 71:18
Even when I am old and gray, 
do not forsake me, O God, 
till I declare your power to the next generation, 
your might to all who are to come. 

How can we help those in your congregation help those whose children and grand children are not in a living relationship with they know of God's real power???

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brother Richard: What you say is right, we need to act out our faith more in complete adherence to God's Word.
The part of the Christian Church in general I see is that it is the fifties babies that have now, grandchildren of their own who are concerned about the spiritual growth of their children and their children.
What I am about to say goes back to that Discipleship starts within the home. What is happening behind those closed doors? Are we meditating on God's Word daily? Are we as Christians going to leave a legacy of faith and Discipleship that is an ancient tool taught to us by Jesus Himself? Do we glorify God in all our actions and thoughts?
Their seems a complacency that has set in the fifty babies and now they are the ones getting worried!
We have to get back and preach with an urgency of Gospel upon Gospel. We have to get to know God and His munificence all over again . We have to teach with the same urgency for the sake of brotherly love- Love your neighbour as you love yourself with patience and a steadiness that in the end result will overwhelm the neighbour and he will not be able to resist.
So what is lacking in our ministries? Are we preaching for some worldly gain? Are preaching how important it is to give to God what He deserves? Are we hearing what Jesus tells us to do in Matt28:19-20
Just some thoughts running through as I read your blog. Very Good and is urgent.