Thursday, November 14, 2013

Free Ebook: My journey with Hermen by Neil Stiller

My journey with Hermen:  the highways and byways of hermeneutics by Neil Stiller has been written to  help 'ordinary members' become more aware of hermeneutics.  
In some Lutheran contexts this is a currently a hot topic, but often presented in a very academic way.   

Being realigned
This booklet describes something of my personal journey as a pastor where I was often required to look at the past – at the stories about God’s actions for his people in the Bible. When that process made an impact on me I often found that I didn’t return to exactly the same position as before. God’s message had realigned me. It had turned me, I believe, more closely in the direction he wanted me to go. Whether I ended up going that way is another story. 
This journey includes trying to understand what God was saying and doing then, and what this means for me as I try to serve him in the kind of world and society in which we all now live.
Of course, many other people find themselves in exactly the same situation as I do, and it’s great to be able to offer one another support and encouragement.  But there is one special companion who has always provided invaluable help.  This account of my personal journey is really about him. I’m going to call him  Hermen.
As I now look back (I have recently turned 70) and try to describe this journey from my childhood onwards, I know that my memory will play its usual tricks. It will get some things wrong, I’ll impose what I now know on events in the past, I’ll fill gaps in my memory with hopes and dreams and fantasy, and so on. As a result, I can hardly vouch for the truth of anything I’m about to write. But, truth  or fiction, it’s as good as anyone’s able to get; and it is my journey!

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