Friday, November 01, 2013

North Western Publishing House's latest resources

5 of the latest resources from North Western Publishing House 

Come Follow me depicts what it means to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus. The movie recounts the experience of the apostle Peter - his misunderstanding, denial, doubts, and fears. The answer for Peter is Jesus, who through his death and ressurection assures his disciple of forgiveness. The way for Peter to be a follower of Jesus is found in the power and promises of Jesus' Word - the same way as it is for us. The lead role is played by Bruce Marchiano, the same actor who played Jesus in the Road to Emmaus movie. Running time: Just over 30 minutes. Includes English with closed captioning and Spanish. -

Real questions from real people and real answers from God's Holy Word. The author reviews hundreds of questions that were submitted over the years to the Q&A on the WELS Web site and for the column in Forward in Christ (formerly the Northwestern Lutheran). He focuses on what the Bible teaches and how to apply scriptural principles. Christians from various religious backgrounds submitted the questions. Scripture and subject indices are included.

Designed for Church Web Sites
Anytime Anywhere Bible Studies are designed for church Web sites, using Adobe Flash. The CD includes everything needed to post the materials to a site and a helpful README file. The studies themselves feature 1984 NIV text, audio clips, and story illustrations. Five studies in two types are included: three "quick" studies look at the lives of the early kings of Israel: "Saul and David," "King David," and "King Solomon and Afterward," Two "in-depth" topical studies cover "What is Lutheranism?" and "What is The Church?" The quick studies offer a total of 90 lessons, each taking 10 to 15 minutes, and include the text of applicable portions of The People's Bible commentary for more insight. The in-depth studies allow users to explore each topic at their own pace in 3 to 4 hours. Each topic is examined under the categories: Bible Basics; Details; History, and Faith and Life. The five studies are also available for purchase as individual downloads: Saul and David (3500140E); King David (3500141E); King Solomon and Afterward (3500142E); What is Lutheransim (3500143E), and What is the Church (3500144E).

An Outreach Christmas Celebration for Children Ages 3-10
Series: Christmas For Kids
The two CDs contain everything you need to plan and implement a seasonal, one day VBS at Christmas time. This program features activity stations where students learn about the Savior's birth, praise him in song, make crafts, play games, and enjoy snacks and fellowship. The Planning and Teaching Guide CD contains all of the material necessary for leaders, teachers, and students, including: three levels of student lessons in PDF; full-color Bible story pictures in JPG and PDF; directions for planning, scheduling and conducting Christmas for Kids; complete instructions for teaching at the various stations; advertising pieces and clip art; craft ideas, patterns, and photos; an opening devotion; and a Bible story skit. Note: Student lessons, advertising poster, postcards, and doorknob hangers are included in both English and Spanish. The Song CD contains 12 tracks of Christmas hymns and songs to add a musical component to your program. Tracks 1-6 consist of vocals with accompaniment, while tracks 7-12 are accompaniments only. The songs are: Silent Night! Holy Night; Joy to the World; Away in a Manger; a variation of, We Wish You a Merry Christmas; Happy Birthday, Jesus; and, A Christmas Tree. Published 2013. Ages 3-10. Two CDs in a standard DVD case.

Interpreting Scripture's Symbols, Parables, and Word Pictures
Series: Bible Discovery
Author: Joel C. Seifert
There are many symbols, metaphors, and parables in scripture, and sometimes it can be hard to wrap your head around all of them. This book, by Pastor Joel Seifert, teaches the principles of interpretation and explains Biblical figurative language from a solid Lutheran understanding. By deciphering the symbols in scripture, you will grow in faith and knowledge of God's saving grace.
Includes Scripture index. Published 2013. Papercover. Pages: 148. Size: 5.5x8.5 inches.

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