Monday, July 21, 2008

Stories of the heroes of history

Stories are great tools to help us share what the Gospel is capable of and how God has been active in our world.

Heroes of History offers stories of some significant people that have served God in many different ways, as well as values that these heroes have

Some of the heroes include:
Brother Andrew 1928- alive
Gladys Aylward 1902-1970
Black Elk 1864-1950
John Bunyan 1628-1688
John Calvin 1509-1564
William Carey 1761-1834
Amy Carmichael 1867-1951
George Washington Carver 1864-1943
Christopher Columbus 1451-1506
Billy Graham 1918- alive
T. D. Jakes 1957- alive
C. S. Lewis 1898-1963
David Livingstone 1813-1873
Martin Luther 1483-1546
Florence Nightingale 1820-1910
Flannery O'Connor 1925-1964
Francis Schaeffer 1912-1984
Mary Slessor 1848-1915
Alexander Solzhenitsyn 1918- alive
Corrie ten Boom 1892-1983
Mother Teresa 1910-1997
John Wesley 1703-1791

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