Saturday, July 19, 2008

Faithink Conferences and the Lutheran Church of Australia

The Lutheran Church of Australia has invested signficantly in time, money and other resources to equip congregations for Youth and Family Ministry, no matter what their size through the Faithink approach to ministry.

Peter Eckerman has been appointed as the National Co-ordinator (a full time salaried position), and will be Australianising many of the resources.

Throughout July and August 2008 they will be launching Faithink through a series of conferences around Australia and New Zealand with Rich Melheim (Faithink founder and Chief Creative Officer), Monty Lysne (National Director of Youth and Family Ministry) and Debbie Streicher (National Director of Children and Family Ministry) presenting and exploring how the Faithink including Head to Heart confirmation ministry, Bible Song and Faith Stepping Stones can be implemented in congregations of all sizes.

Venues for Faithink conference and launch
Intensive Melbourne Southgate Vic - July 18
Head to Heart Experience Box Hill - July 18
Intensive Ballarat - July 19
Intensive Hamilton - July 20
Intensive Horsham - July 21
Conference Adelaide - July 25-27
Conference Perth - July 29-30
Conference Brisbane - Aug 1-3
Conference Canberra - Aug 4-6
Intensive Foundations Auckland - Aug 8
Intensive Auckland - Aug 9
Conference Auckland (both NZ Events) - Aug 8-9

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To discover how Faithink equips people of all ages to grow in faith check out their web site at

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Paul McCain said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. It is a shame that our friends in the LCA decided to go with FaithInk, which is long on design, and very short on substance. Concordia Publishing House would have been a much better choice for a partner for cradle-to-grave catechetical and discipling resources. The content is far superior, deeply Christ and Gospel-centered, and faithfully Lutheran, stem-to-stern.