Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adventures in Lifelong faith formation

Adventures in Lifelong faith formation has been developed by the Office of the Lifelong faith formation in the Roman Catholic Church.

It is a simple to follow guide of approaches that are suitable in Faith Formation.

Life-Span Faith Formation
1. Thematic Lifelong Faith Formation
2. Milestones Lifelong Faith Formation
3. Events-Centered Intergenerational Lifelong Faith Formation
4. Faith Formation in Christian Practices

Family and Intergenerational Faith Formation
1. Family Faith Formation
2. Intergenerational Faith Formation

Age-Group Faith Formation
1. Children
2. Adolescents
3. Young Adults
4. Adults

Internet & Communication Media

It offers disscussion and suggestions about a range of resources relating to the above approaches including some currently used by Lutheran congregations.

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