Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Video Sermon series: Faith Foundations

The Faith Foundations sermon series is a video sermon series covering the basics of faith based on Luther's Small Catechism.   
Just as the catechism is this is an introductory sermon series to the Christian faith, so it does not cover every aspect of each topic, but instead introduces each topic encouraging people to explore more.

Entire Series

Individual sermons can be viewed by clicking on the sermon title

Sermon 1:  The foundation - God's love

Sermon 2:  God's values - Ten Commandments

Sermon 3:  Who is God? - The Apostles Creed

Sermon 4:  Talking with God - The Lord's Prayer

Sermon 5:  God connects to us - Baptism

Sermon 6:  God's forgiveness - Confession and Absolution

Sermon 7:  Intimate Communion with God - Holy Communion

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