Monday, April 03, 2017

Book and Bible Study: SENT seeking the orphans of God

The SENT seeking the orphans of God series  explains in simple language how to approach the task of relational evangelism among your relatives and friends. It also details the process of how to set up and develop local mission in a congregation of any size.

Sent Seeking the Orphans of God is for anyone concerned about how to participate with God in sowing the gospel and reaping the harvest.

Many books on missional living describe how to form missional communities and the people within them, but this book goes beyond this to describe how a missional community does relational evangelism together.

It provides small group Bible studies and activities at the end of each chapter, introduced through online video interviews with experienced evangelists. These activities facilitate dialogue and discernment about how to approach the task of relational evangelism amongst your relatives and friends.

Plus, there are two supplementary bonus resources included in this book.

RENEW Love Life Communities: an eight week small group Bible study designed to enable the formation of a team who engages in relational evangelism within your congregation or church planting team.

RENEW Missional Leadership: ten devotions for congregational leaders designed to set up a structure for making disciples who make disciples and facilitate training and support for the church to reap and receive the harvest

Believers feeling confused or apathetic about reaping the harvest will discover here a practical resource which is an encouragement to see, hear and become involved in what God is already up to in people's lives.

What others are saying
Dean Eaton is a faithful guide who gives us concrete ways to join God in helping to bring people into God's family in everyday kind of ways. This book reflects a missional theology that will help you cultivate an inclusive loving community that invites all to live into the divine dance of the Father, Son and Spirit. J.R. Woodward, National director, V3 Church Planting Movement. Author, Creating a Missional Culture, Co-author, The Church as Movement

Sent Seeking the Orphans of God and the accompanying Love Life Community studies are quite possibly the spark that could bring your church alive. Dr Andrew Menzies, Principal Stirling Theological College - University of Divinity.

If you hear God calling you to bring Jesus to your friends, neighbours and workmates, then this is a must-read book for you. Dr Steen Olsen. Director for Mission for the Lutheran Church in South Australia and the Northern Territory former Bishop of the Lutheran Church of New Zealand.

Dean Eaton is an experienced church planter, missional trainer and mentor. He has participated with Christ in church plants in rural, suburban and urban settings in Australia and Japan. Formerly the Principal of Tabor College Australia he is keen to train a new generation of evangelists.

What is available:
SENT: Seeking the Orphans of God book (download PDF available here; or  purchase softcover book from Amazon)
SENT: Seeking the Orphans of God  videos (available here), to accompany the group studies
SENT: Seeking the Orphans of God promotional tools

Read the book, watch the online video interviews with experienced practitioners, dialogue with your friends using the small group Bible study, and get ready to reap the harvest.

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