Monday, April 24, 2017

Book: Unscary Evangelism

This book has come about because there are so many people concerned about the need to share our faith. It occurred to me that we seem to be making evangelism much harder and scarier than it needs to be. Essentially evangelism is introducing a person to your best friend.  So we need a way to put that in terms that people can grasp.
The other thing that came to me is that people need help with this process. We need to be guided and mentored along the way. This book seeks to provide a way for pastors and churches to do that. Rob Edwards

What others are saying about this book
Anyone who reads this book should gain a new confidence and a new motivation to gossip the Gospel with all the people they have the honour to have influence over. Thanks Rob for reminding us that this is the real bread and butter of Christian life and living. The church needs to be missional if it is a real church. Rev Dr. C.I. Ganter Senior Pastor Rockhampton Baptist Church
Every believing Christian would be helped by reading this book. Rob's wisdom will position many for a fresh approach to loving others and being real with their friends. It's vital in our day, too, for even in our culture the fields are still -white unto harvest, - and despite appearances, the years ahead represent a more fruitful season for seeing many turn to the truth of Christ than at any other time in recent history. But this will happen mostly through friendships and personal connections. John Alley, Peace Christian Church, Rockhampton.

About the author
Rob Edwards is the pastor of the Rockhampton Lutheran Church in Queensland Australia

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