Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Worldview Everlasting TV

In 2010, Pastor Jonathan Fisk created Worldview Everlasting (WE) to blast through the choking smoke of false gospels and Christian fads with the sweet oxygen of the God-breathed Good News of Christ. For you.
Proclaiming the rescuing work of Christ and Him crucified for the forgiveness of sins to the murky, hopeless corners of the internet, WE leads this generation to the safe house of Holy Scripture, the Lutheran Confessions, and the nearest orthodox Church rightly distributing Christ’s gifts in Word and Sacrament.
WE might not always be serious and can sometimes be downright silly, but the poisonous leaven of the devil is deadly serious. The church needs individuals equipped with the antidote of their baptismal waters, clothed in His righteousness to survive the never ending onslaught of this present evil age. WE equips you to fight back ninja-style with the Christian’s only weapon—the awesome truth of God’s Word and promises.

There are a number of different posts each week.
To explore Worldview Everlasting visit http://www.worldvieweverlasting.com/

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