Thursday, April 14, 2016

Book: Moving Messages Ideas That Will Revolutionize the Sunday Experience

Pastors…teachers…every church leader longs for Sunday messages to be memorable and meaningful, to move listeners closer to God.
So why are so many messages forgettable?
Pastor and author Rick Bundschuh asked the same question—and began finding new ways to connect his church audience with the life-changing truths of the Bible. He preached participatory sermons, wove experiences into messages, and invited congregational conversation as part of the Sunday morning experience.
The results? Astounding—for Bundschuh and his church.
In this report from the front lines, Bundschuh shares what he did, how it went, and what he learned along the way. Practical and proven, here’s the best of what invigorated the Sunday experience for him and his congregation.
This book is a must-read for all church leaders eager to make Sunday messages engaging and impactful. You’ll benefit from Bundschuh’s journey and transform passive listeners into active participants in next Sunday’s message.

Sample of the book is available:  here

PART 1:  The Journey
The Reason We’re Going on This trip in the First Place
A Willingness to Explore
Preparing for the Road Ahead
The Changing and the Unchanging: New Methods, timeless truths

PART 2: The Case for a New Paradigm on Sunday Morning
The Importance of Experiential Worship
Teaching Like Jesus
How Ideas Are Absorbed

PART 3: Creating an Environment for Success
Where Good Things Run Wild
Rethink the Space
Consider the Men
Teach as a Team
Let Others Bring Something to the Table
The Most Important New Hire: A Storyteller

PART 4:  Elements of Experiential Teaching
Ingredients of Memorable Messages
Teaching in Bits and Pieces
The Power of Story
Peer-to-Peer Interaction
Music, Movies, and Other Media
A Continuing Conversation
You Figure It Out
What Do I Do With This?
The “So What?” Factor
Special Ingredients

PART 5: Get Your Motor Runnin’
How to Introduce Experiential Worship
Easing Into the Shallow End
Moving toward the Deep End
Handling Skeptics
In Real time: An Example of How It Happens
A Note of Encouragement

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