Friday, April 15, 2016

Book: Inside the Reformation

Inside the Reformation is a visual journey through the Reformation with concise text and richly designed pages. While not laid out as a traditional history book, it communicates the same information through pictures, illustrations, and short articles in a fun way. This book makes a great addition to school libraries, classrooms, and personal collections.     It is ideal for people in later primary school up

Inside the Reformation covers:

  • The People, 
    • Learn all about the people and everyday life during the time of the Reformation
    • You may have heard of Martin Luther, but who were the other people of the Reformation?
    • How did people live in the sixteenth century?
    • What did they do for fun?
    • What was school like?   
  • The Ideas & Events
    • Learn about amazing inventions and ideas that helped shape the world as we know it today
    • How could Martin Luther's writings change the history of the world?
    • What inventions helped make the Reformation possible?
    • What events changed the course of history? 

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