Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Book: Rhythms of Grace

Rhythms of Grace emerges from a personal exploration of contemplative spirituality. Coming from an evangelical and charismatic background, Tony Horsfall felt an increasing desire to know God more deeply.
At the same time, he felt an increasing dissatisfaction with his own spiritual life, as well as concern at the number of highly qualified and gifted people involved in Christian ministry who experience burn-out.
In this book he shows how contemplative spirituality, with its emphasis on realising our identity as God's beloved children and on being rather than doing, has vital lessons for us about discovering intimacy with God. It also provides essential insights about building a ministry that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

This book will significantly widen our worship experience as we present our real selves to a real God. Dave Bilbrough, songwriter and worship leader For over-busy Christians and leaders, this book is a must. It is about much more than pace in the race. It is about going deeper with Jesus. The Right Revd Ken Clarke, Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh, Church of Ireland 
I commend this book to all who desire to be drawn closer to God because he is pleased with who we are more than what we do. Paul Tan, Overseas Missionary Fellowship, Singapore 
I greatly enjoyed reading Rhythms of Grace. Tony Horsfall's message to those of us who are so busy that we hardly ever have time to sit still and simply be is a timely one. It also helps us to realise just how precious we are to God, and that though we may feel we don't measure up as Christians, God accepts and loves us as we are, and longs to deepen our relationship with him. From Susan Hibbins, Editor of the UK edition of The Upper Room From The Good Bookstall - 14 April 2012
Horsfall's message here is a prophetic and timely one. Experiencing intimacy with God in a busy life is a perennial if not cosmic wrestle. The world, the flesh and the devil all collaborate with our busyness and vulnerabilities, to minimise the truthfulness that comes from silence and solitude with our Saviour. Rhythms of Grace has a pulsing beat emanating from a personal exploration of contemplative spirituality. Evangelical and charismatic pathways fuse meaningfully in an experiential pursuit of God. This is full of insights, wisdom, reflection and signposts toward action and transformation. Dense, definitive and delightful for the soul! This is a great title deserving of more than just shelf collection. Read and then re-read this gem of a book! This is a well-crafted and compelling invitation to walk in intimate grace with the risen Jesus Christ. This book in God's goodness could birth healing for many. Reviewed by Johnny Douglas From The Church Times - 18 May 2012
I confess that I approached Tony Horsfall's book with a cautious heart, but came away from it with a glad one. The writer comes from an Evangelical background, which is not my own, and my prejudices got in the way. His aim is to widen the spirituality of the 'usual' Evangelical (if there is such a person), and introduce him or her to a kind of spirituality which for many good Christians would be entirely new. He does this with great sensitivity - and possibly a little deliberate cunning. The first chapters describe issues that will be quite familiar to most Evangelical Christians, and probably form part of their daily devotions. But, slowly and gently, he leads his reader into what is probably, for most British Christians, new ground. He plays no tricks, but opens up radically different ways of prayer and listening to God. None of these is new to Christianity - indeed, many have ancient roots - but most have only relatively recently found their way into the daily devotions of today's Anglican (and probably Free Church) Christian lives. With Horsfall, prayer becomes listening and waiting rather than speaking and asking - as (he tells us) he has himself discovered. Reviewed by Canon John Armson, former Precentor of Rochester Cathedral

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