Sunday, May 19, 2013

Course: Introducing God

Introducing God is  a new way of introducing the true and living God to a post-Christian society.”
Introducing God is a relational course that introduces our friends to God in a relaxed culturally appropriate way.
Introducing God is flexible and can be run for seven or eight weeks, with or without the weekend away:
- Introductory session, plus six weeks
- Introductory session, plus eight weeks
- Introductory session, plus eight weeks and a weekend/day away.

“Introducing God is a way to share the gospel that is friendly for people who won’t go near a church.” –John
“Introducing God is a very effective way to reach today’s generation” –Trevor
“Introducing God is biblically true & culturally relevant.” –David, Adelaide

An Overview
Introducing God puts the propositions of the Biblical metanarrative (summarised by the Two Ways to Live presentation) into relational clothes.

Introductory Night (Acts 17) (stand alone session)
Session 1 God, us and the meaning of life (Genesis 1)
Session 2 Our declaration of autonomy (Genesis 3)
Session 3 What will God do about our autonomy problem? (Psalm 2)
Session 4 God’s competent king (Luke 8 )
Session 5 The death that changes everything (Luke 23)
Session 6 God made Jesus Lord and Christ. (Acts 2)
Session 7 Remember our future (2 Peter 3)
The difference Jesus makes weekend
Weekend A The difference Jesus makes to life now: (Luke 14)
Weekend B The difference Jesus makes to relationship with God (Luke 15)
Weekend C The difference Jesus makes to our futures (Luke 16)

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