Monday, May 20, 2013

A new decade of mega churches - 2011 Report from Hartford institute

Hartford Institute regularly researches and reviews the trends with Mega Churches.  They have identified 27 Lutheran churches that fall in the category of Mega Churches in the USA.  

Executive Summary
Last weekend, about 56 million Americans worshipped at a Protestant church.1 Most of those churches drew fewer than 100 people each, a size that’s characterized the “typical” church for centuries. But in the last few decades a new class of church has emerged: the very large church, often called a megachurch. And last weekend over 10% – or nearly 6 million – of these worshippers were part of congregations that each drew 2,000 or more in total attendance. If this group of churches were a Protestant denomination, it would be the nation’s second largest such group. 

In recent months we surveyed this group of very large churches and made some fascinating discoveries. 2 The following list highlights some of the most important findings. We will also be releasing more of findings from this survey in the coming months.

•  These churches are wired.
•  Multisite interest has grown dramatically.
•  Growth is steady.
•  The leader at the helm makes all the difference.
•  Worship options extend beyond Sunday morning.
•  They are both big and small.
•  They have a high view of their own spiritual vitality.
•  Newcomer orientation is constant.
•  The dominant identity is “evangelical.”
•  The vast majority do not have serious financial struggles.
•  Staffing costs are comparable to those of other churches.
•  They are not independent.

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