Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book: Survive or Thrive

In Survive or Thrive Jimmy Dodd reveals that the majority of pastors are not known—by anyone. They purposely isolate themselves from both staff and congregations so their insecurities, doubts, and failures aren’t exposed. Yet confiding in the wrong person can be a dead-end at best and disastrous at worst. Former pastor Jimmy Dodd reveals how those in pastoral ministry can receive ongoing support, accountability, and restoration from a boss, counselor, trainer, mentor, coach, and good friend.
Discover how you can move from surviving to thriving with the six relationships every pastor needs.

Section 1:  SURVIVE: The heart of the problem - How did we arrive here?
Section 2:  THRIVE:  The six relationships every pastor needs
Section 3:  GOSPEL TRANSFORMATION:  Taking all important next steps

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