Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book: The Messengers: Discovered

The Messengers: Discovered is a novel about 15-year-old Simon who lives in a world of tight controls. Everything is regimented, defined, observed. Yet he doesn't buy into any of it. During the day, he pushes against the boundaries. And at night, he questions his father's life and all it entails. Then, in one moment, everything changes for Simon as he takes on a job that leads him to the underground church and its movement to restore Christianity and the Bible to the world. The government will stop at nothing to stop this movement, and the stakes grow ever higher for Simon, his father, and the other Messengers.
Join Simon and the other Messengers in this futuristic teen novel as they risk their lives to protect the Gospel.

In a trend that will surely be replicated many times but never perfected in the same way, Lisa Clark has combined heady Christian theology and a dystopian YA thriller for middle-grade readers. Simon is the son of a secretive but loving father who discovers that the Darkness (the nameless fear that his community of rules and order pins everything on) is actually the message of the Gospel. Doled out in small but potent doses, the Message is sweet like honey to all who hear it in this debut thriller that is appropriate for children probably as young as ten. Lisa Clark's writing is tightly effective, but the heart with which she deals with the theology is light and jubilant. Young readers will love the rebellion against the authorities, while parents will delight in handing their children a book that not only encourages sharing their faith even in the worst circumstances but also embraces the importance of family, love, and friendship. The first of a series, I have no doubt that Clark's writing will quickly take this book to the top of the growing YA inspirational genre. --Colleen Oakes, Author of the bestselling Queen of Hearts Saga

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