Monday, May 16, 2016

Book: Developing a series - A guidebook for planning, branding, and marketing an effective sermon series

Jonathan Malm has put together a fantastic resource to help you plan sermon series' for your church. This e-book has practical tips and tricks to make your sermon series' effective and impacting to your congregation.

Chapter topics include:
- Why your church should do sermon series'.
- How to break down a complex and obscure concept into an easily brand able series idea.
- The importance of developing a unified visual theme for your sermon series.
- Planning individual messages, illustrations, and sermon titles.
- How to brand your sermon series so it's memorable.
- Getting the word out about your sermon series.
- A discussion on planning ahead and how far ahead is far enough.
- Using pop-culture brands to assist in branding your series.

It also includes tips and tricks from creative directors and graphic designers from churches around the country.

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