Saturday, August 01, 2015

Leaders resource: Ministry Library

Ministry Library help pastors and their teams succeed through summaries of leadership books on video, action plans and team workshops.
Ministry at times can be very time consuming and often what happens is leaders and pastors neglect their own development, as they deal with the important and urgent matters of ministry, Ministry Library helps pastors keep up their learning through:
Video book summaries which don't just summarise the books, they focus on how you can apply the lessons and ideas to your ministry right away. Each video has lists, tips, how-to’s and extra material to help you better lead your ministry.
Action Plans - Notes don’t change anything, actions do. So don’t take notes, take action! Each video comes with a printable transcript that’s formatted to help you set goals, take actions and keep deadlines.
Team Workshops which are created to help you and your staff take your church to the next level, by providing you with actionable takeaways, done-for-you resources and discussion questions that will have immediate results in your ministry.
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