Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book: A Lutheran Primer for preaching

A Lutheran Primer for Preaching is designed to provide new pastors with a sound, biblical method to construct a sermon. And all pastors, new and experienced alike, will benefit from this first-published proposal for a theology of preaching from a distinctly Lutheran perspective. Rev. Dr. Edward Grimenstein outlines this uniquely Lutheran theology for preaching, while at the same time offering a scriptural model for sermon construction that may be employed by all pastors.

Over the past fifty years, many negative practices have snuck into the Church's preaching which still hold influence to this day, such as: regarding the Scriptures as distant stories with little impact upon the present world, viewing sermons as times for moralistic and educational teaching, and even treating Jesus more like an idol on a shelf rather than as the Creator of the universe. Theologies like “historical criticism” continually question the inerrancy of Scripture, authority of the spoken Word, and the role of Scripture in becoming normative for the life of the Church.

This primer provides pastors with a practical guide that counters common challenges that all modern preachers face during their ministry.


  1. Beginning of the theology of the Word
  2. The fall
  3. Rising from the fall
  4. A Trinitarian approach to preaching:  God the Father
  5. A Trinitarian approach to preaching:  God the Son
  6. A Trinitarian approach to preaching:  God the Holy Spirit
  7. Preaching Law and Gospel
  8. Preaching the Bible
  9. Preaching is "for You"
  10. Preparing
  11. Sermon Preparation Worksheet 1
  12. Sermon Preparation Worksheet 2
  13. The Law and Gospel are "for You"
  14. Returning to the Sermon

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