Friday, August 21, 2015

Conference: LIfe@Work Conference

Life@Work Conference
Thu Oct 29th, 10am-4pm
Our society is post-Christian and secular - what does it look like for Christians to live out their faith in this context, to be salt & light in the workplace, and to share their faith with their colleagues?
Coinciding with "Witness: Word & Deed", our third annual Life@Work conference, this year we are excited to introduce for the first time a special day for pastors. Join us Thursday October 29 as we consider the pressing need to pastor those in our churches for their public life in the workplace.
Don't miss this special day, co-hosted by Melbourne City Bible Forum & Ridley Marketplace Institute.
Ormond Anglican Church vicar Kevin Pedersen is looking forward to the day:
"This conference presents me with an opportunity to review work we've already done in integrating peoples' work with their faith.  It will help remind me of the tensions my people experience every day as Christians working in a secular environment".

Make sure you're there too.
When: Thursday October 29, 10am-4pm
Where: Metropolitan Hotel (263 William Street, Melbourne Victoria Australia)
Cost: $70 (includes full lunch, morning & afternoon tea)

For an extra $30, join us with members of your churches at the Wednesday or Thursday night session of our Life@Work conference, "Witness: Word & Deed".

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Conference program
10:00am  Conference welcome
10:05-10:30am  On the coalface: A Biblical sketch of work
(Robert Martin, Melbourne City Bible Forum, director)
10:30-11:15am What Christians in the workplace want to know...and need to know
(Andrew Laird, Melbourne City Bible Forum)
11:45-12:15pm  The Pastor goes to work (including "The pastor's perspective", featuring three local pastors)   (Kara Martin, Ridley Marketplace Institute)
12:15-1:30pm  Evangelism in post-Christian Australia today
(Sam Chan, City Bible Forum national communicator)
2:30-3:15pm  Panel: Charting the way forward
Featuring Melbourne church and para-church leaders
3:15-3:45pm  Suggested resources
(Kara Martin, Ridley Marketplace Institute)
4:00pm Conference close

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