Saturday, June 14, 2014

Music Book: All Together All Right (number 7 in the All Together series)

Robin Mann has compiled together 96 community Christians songs for the 7th book in the All Together series...All together all right....
The All together series have been used widely in the Lutheran Church of Australia for congregation, camp, school and small group worship.

Resources available include Music Book, Music CD, Word Book and CD Word Book 
These can be purchased either from:
Robin Mann
Australian Church Resources 

All Together Alrights songs:
590 A child is born
591 A is for the Armadillo
592 Born from above
593 Come to me all you who are weary
594 Donkey donkey
595 Gather us in
596 The God that I know
597 Friends & eating grace
598 Invitation
599 It’s Christmas
600 Jesus, the bright morning star
601 Kamana o’ i’ o’
602 Kingdom kids
603 More than a sign
604 No-one does the things my Lord can do
605 God of creation
606 Nothing is lost on the breath of God
607 Spirit of dreaming
608 Waiting for the day of the Lord
609 He came down
610 Because he lives
611 Christmas time is near
612 God is walking in the garden
613 Guest of a sinner
614 He was born a little child
615 In Christ alone
616 In my Father’s house
617 J.A.M.
618 Just like Jesus
619 Life overflowing
620 Mary in the garden
621 Matthew 7:7
622 Out of this world
623 Shine on us
624 The way it should be
625 Not with silver or gold
626 Together through the valley
627 Unconditionally
628 When they came Easter Day
629 Where were you?
630 You would not
631 Amen
632 Gift
633 Glory be to God in heaven
634 God in your goodness
635 How deep the Father’s love
636 Praise the Lord, all you nations
637 Living in the light
638 Love overflows
639 Magnificat
640 Nice one, Jesus
641 The Pilgrim’s song
642 I stand in awe
643 Spirit, lead us
644 Thank God, you’re here
645 Tremble
646 You shine
647 When the heart goes out
648 Advent Lamb of God
649 Eat this bread and drink this wine
650 Easy answers
651 For the common good
652 Gathered
653 Going nowhere
654 Can broken hearts be mended?
655 How long (till I see your face)
656 Heavy our hearts
657 Jesus, lamb of God
658 Jesus, you are the bread
659 Remember now, my children
660 Jesus speak
661 Law of love
662 Love the Lord
663 Save us in the time of trial
664 Soul of Christ
665 Table of plenty
666 Where love comes to life
667 Make room
668 As you have loved
669 Be my strength
670 Calm the storm
671 Christ is Lord of all
672 Hey Hey Samuel
673 Community in Christ
674 Heroes
675 Keep me, Lord
676 Lord, be the rising
677 Lord, now let your servant depart in peace
678 Jesus is beside us
679 May I walk in your foot-steps
680 May our lives and our prayers be one
681 Prisoners of hope
682 Servant’s song
683 Sleep, little baby
684 Who am I?
685 May the Lord bless and keep you

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