Friday, June 20, 2014

Journal of Lutheran Mission

The Lutheran Church Missouri synod has commenced an online journal.   The Journal of Lutheran Mission.

The President of LCMS, Matthew Harris states
'It is our desire to follow the tradition of mission that  led to the founding of the Missouri Synod, to highlight  and expound good examples of Lutheran missiology and  to raise the height and breadth of discussion on mission  so that every member of the Missouri Synod prays for  the mission of the church, engages in it him/herself and  supports it each according to their vocation.'

The initial journal includes the following articles:
Missio Dei by Scott R. Murray 
Evangelicalism: The Heartbeat of American Protestantism and the Awkward Companion of American Lutheranism by Walter Sundberg  
Response to Walter Sundberg by Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.  
Ecclesiology, Mission and Partner Relations: What it Means That Lutheran Mission Plants Lutheran Churches by Albert B. Collver
The Future of Mission in the LCMS: Collaboration by Jack Preus  
Teaching the Faith Once Delivered by Charles P. Arand  
Challenges to Teaching the Faith as a Component of Mission Strategy   by Terry Cripe What Will Happen to Missouri? by Randall L. Golter 
LCMS Mission: A Paradigm of Its Own by Klaus Detlev Schulz  
Response to Detlev Schultz’s “LCMS Mission — A Paradigm of Its Own”   by William W. Schumacher 
A Theological Statement for Mission in the 21st Century   by Matthew C. Harrison  
Book Review: “You Have the Words of Eternal Life:” Transformative Readings   of the Gospel of John from a Lutheran Perspective  
Book Review: Into All the World:The Story of Lutheran Foreign Missions 

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