Saturday, May 31, 2014

EBook: A God who speaks and acts by Malcolm Bartsch

Dr Malcolm Bartsch's free ebook:   A god who speaks and acts - theology for teachers in Lutheran schools 

This book contains the theological essentials for Lutheran educators and is written in a way which is not only understandable but can be applied in the daily challenges of school teaching, learning and planning. I strongly encourage chaplains, teachers and principals
to read and consider these theological essentials to enhance their understandings, discussions and daily work.

Chapters include:
Chapter 1: A God who speaks and acts
Chapter 2: Word of God: living, active and creative.
Chapter 3: God created and creates
Chapter 4: Sin and God’s response of grace
Chapter 5: God as a human being and theology of the cross.
Chapter 6: God makes people holy: the work of the Holy Spirit.
Chapter 7: New life in Christ.
Chapter 8: New life in Christ in church and society 
Chapter 9: Christian Worship.

This ebook is available at

and as a kindle book

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