Saturday, August 17, 2013

Leadership through dark times....Craig Bellamy - Home truths

Most people who are leaders will face dark and difficult times
Often when these dark and difficult times arise  leaders walk away or they are tossed aside or discarded.  
However we need to ask ourselves is that the Christian message?
Is that what God wants from Christian leaders and for Christian leaders?

Read through the stories of Moses, David, Jesus, Peter and Paul...
All but Jesus sinned....messed up...and faced tremendous difficulties
and you could argue that even Jesus was little off track when he questioned his Father's method...when He asked for the cup to be taken away....
However the reality is that God persevered with them...and they lived through their difficulties with God....

Maybe as leaders we need to listen to Psalm 23 a lot more....a reminder that God doesn't get us out of the mess...but walks through the mess with us

And  a real life example of being a leader...not running and not being discarded is Craig Bellamy....
In his book Home truths...he reveals his approach to leadership and how he dealt with the demotivating penalties placed against his club of having two premierships stripped from them, being told they must play for no points for 20 games....
However it is a great book to help leaders think about and respond to challenging times
I am not recommending this book because Bellamy is a worshipping fact in his book he says he believes in God...but doesn't go to you might not agree with everything he says

About the book
Craig Bellamy is no ordinary rugby league coach. He has a remarkable win-loss record in his ten years with Melbourne Storm, but when he led his team through a season of scandal and turmoil, winning games while playing for no points, he gained national respect.
For the first time, the legendary coach reveals his thoughts on subjects such as leadership, management, character, adversity, courage, teamwork, success and failure, by sharing his personal experiences. Known as a straight shooter and a man of great integrity, Bellamy knows how to bring out the best in people - he's created an enviable club culture.
He's fair, generous, candid about his own shortcomings, and persuasive in his opinions about how best to achieve your goals and be successful. His philosophies rest on the pillars of humility, loyalty and discipline - values that stand the test of time. Anyone who works in a team or who wants to get the most out of themselves will benefit from this inspirational book - it's about making your own game plan for life.
Craig Bellamy is hailed as the NRL's best coach. Born in Portland, NSW, Bellamy played 148 firstgrade games for the Canberra Raiders from 1982-92 before coaching its President's Cup team to a premiership in 1995. He joined the Brisbane Broncos as Wayne Bennett's assistant coach in 1998, helping the Broncos to titles in 1998 and 2000, and was appointed Melbourne Storm NRL head coach in 2003. In the ten seasons since Bellamy's arrival, the Storm have played in five NRL grand finals, won three titles, four minor premierships, two World Club Challenge trophies and qualified for semi-finals football every year - except for 2010 when the club was ordered to play for zero points and stripped of two NRL premierships due to the salary cap scandal. Bellamy was NSW State of Origin coach from 2008-10, Australian Test assistant coach in 2005-06 and is a three-time winner of the NRL's Dally M Coach of the Year award.

Visit Melbourne Storm's page  where they talk about the book

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