Saturday, August 24, 2013

Afterlife: Lutheran Bible Studies and resources

Many people have questions and views regarding death and the afterlife....
Pastor Steven King (a Lutheran pastor and pubisher) has undertaken much research and prepared numerous bible studies relating to the Biblical view of the afterlife and the resurrection.  He offers free of charge the handouts that accompany these studies.
They include:
Phases of the Afterlife (a 'step-by-step' description, based on the pattern of Christ)
Four Views of the Afterlife - Chart (graphic models: four descriptions of human existence)
General Resurrection - Scripture Insert (a collection of Scripture verse on the Resurrection)
Turtle Example - Afterlife (comparing Biblical resurrection vs. transmigration of the soul)
Church Fathers on the Afterlife (some quotations from early Christians)
Luther on the Afterlife (showing how his teaching became more biblical over time) 
Resurrection Themes in the LBW (hymns from the Lutheran Book of Worship)
Scripture on Eternal Life (from the Gosepl of John and other NT books)
Popular Statements (a 'true/false'-style quiz on afterlife themes)
Only God is Eternal (the difference between an immortal God and mortal human beings)
The Body and Soul of a Computer (using the harware/software computer as a metphor for body/soul)
Aspects of the Self (on the Biblical words for: Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength)
Word 'Soul' in the Bible (how the word is actually used in Scripture)
Formula of Concord on the Afterlife (selected Lutheran confessional statements)
On Near Death Experiences (some Scriptural points to consider)
Our Departed Loved Ones (some Bible quotes on the state of the dead)
How a Lightbulb Works (compares concept of an "eternal soul" with Biblical creation/resurrection)
Earthly and Heavenly Realms (a graph on Heaven, Earth, Hades, Sheol, Paradise, Tartarus, etc.)
Up vs Down in the Afterlife (Biblically, heaven is always up, the place of the dead is always down)
Where did Jesus go when he died? (a collection of Biblical quotations)
Descended to the Dead (a commentary on the creedal statement: Jesus 'descended into hell...")
Scripture Quotes on Sheol (OT quotations on the Hebrew "place of the dead")
Paradise and Tartarus (on the good and bad parts of Hades)
Descriptions of Hell (a collection of NT quotes on fiery Gehenna and 'the Outer Darkness')
Theology Cross vs Glory (on the distinction between faithful discipleship and 'reward' theology)
To obtain these handouts free of charge visit SolaPublishing

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