Saturday, September 27, 2008

Knowing your mission field: a demographer gives a big picture

Bernard Salt is an Australian demongrapher, columinist with the Australian newspaper and author.

He regularly comments on Australian society, the upcoming issues and some of the trends around Australia.

His articles in the Australian are generally easy to read visit,25201,14741,00.html for a selection.

His web site is at

And his books are:

Man Drought
Why are there so many single women in their 30s? What’s an offal? What is it with Generation Y?
In this entertaining new book, bestselling author and social commentator Bernard Salt answers these and many other pressing questions about contemporary Australia.
In exploring the modern phenomenon of the man drought, Salt provides invaluable research on the odds for finding love (or at least a date) in every Australian town, as well as capital-city hot-spots for meeting single men or women. He also introduces us to the Fella Filter and Hot Deflation Index.
Beyond the man drought, Salt serves up a selection of his take on contemporary social issues around lifestyles, work habits, the future, and an insightful analysis of Australian generations. From the Frelderlies and Frugals, through the baby boomers and Generation X, down to Generation Y and the Millennium Generation no-one is spared Salt’s irreverent scrutiny.
Drawing on current census data and his own research, Man Drought And Other Social Issues Of The New Century presents a quirky and enlightening tour through the world we live in today.

The Big Picture
When did it become socially acceptable, or at least not unacceptable, for a young couple to have children out of wedlock? The answer is at some stage during the 1990s. What events and value-shifts have had the most influence on us as a nation? Can the Fella Filter save us from the man drought? Is food the new sex for the over-40s? What is the chaperone syndrome? At what age do you cease being young?
In his groundbreaking new book, bestselling author Bernard Salt tackles these & other social and demographic questions facing Australia. Articulate, chatty & witty, it interprets the factors that have a bearing on where we live, when we marry & how we will work. This is a book that looks at the motivational forces that shape the Australian community.

The Big Shift
In The Big Shift author Bernard Salt provides an articulate interpretation of the settlement of the Australian continent, charting the shifts and shuffles that have made us who we are over the past 200 years.
This bold and landmark outlook chronicles Australia from the unique bush culture of the swagman, to today's world of boomers, Xers and Dotcoms. It considers the rise of suburbia on our national psyche and maps out the likely influences on Australian culture over the early decades of the twenty-first century.
Salt's conclusion is powerful - no less than the rise of a third Australian culture - the culture of the beach.
But what are the implications of such a seachange? What might Australia look like in 20 years' time? Will the rush to the CBD last? And how will the baby-boomer push to middle-age and beyond impact on our culture?

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