Saturday, September 20, 2008

Conference: Who do you say I AM? Getting honest about God.

Crossings Community are holding their annual conference

This year the theme is: 'Who do you say I AM? Getting honest about God.
Subtitlted: Why distinction of law and gospel matters more than ever to the world
St. Louis, MO
October 19-22, 2008

Some of the presentions include:
Digging for the Gospel: A Workshop in Six-Step Crossings Methodology.
The Heart of Bertram's Theology: A Study of "A Time for Confessing" and "Postmodernity's Crux"
Abraham's Paradoxical God: Fearing and Trusting the God Who Promises to Save Us from God's Self
"god" and God in Pop Culture
Singing God's Tune when the Audience has turned its Back
America's God: YHWH, Baal, or Golden Calf?
Six Steps Through a Text: A Thumbnail Review
Being Honest about God in Times of Confessing: Insights from Bertram
What Does God Require, Do, and Promise when the U.S.A. Holds Elections?
The Question of God in Pastoral Care
Reading Real Life through the Six Step Lens
"And there's no other God": Being Honest-to-God about God
Is the Lord's Prayer Christian?
Missio as Promissio: Lutheran Missiology Confronts the Challenge of Religious Pluralism
Encountering God at the End of Life
The Six-Step Parish Practitioner
Missional God Outside the Box
Confessions of the Lutheran Risk-Taker: Living Care and Redemption in the 21st Century
Discipleship and Equipping the Saints
Crossings Theology for Missions
Six Steps to Worship of the Great "I AM"

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